July 3, 2008


Pouring milk has just become a new challenge in the US of A.

The new milk containers don't have a pouring spout, which is clever design for a vessel holding fluids, truly, innovative, human ingenuity at its finest. Almost as good as the whole sliced bread thingy.

Instead of picking up and pouring, one has to tilt (don't lift it) - slowly - and pour - slowly.

"Rock-and-pour instead of a lift-and-tip.”


How much time and patience do they think people have in the average day to pour milk, from a container designed to spill milk?

"Don't cry over spilled milk" takes on a whole new meaning when people are forced to do a daily spilling.

"Rock and pour" my arse.

Solution or mess? A milk jug for a green earth


  1. Nice jugs!

    Really now, this is just silly:

    The redesign of the gallon milk jug, experts say, is an example of the changes likely to play out in the American economy over the next two decades. In an era of soaring global demand and higher costs for energy and materials, virtually every aspect of the economy needs to be re-examined, they say, and many products must be redesigned for greater efficiency.

    What on earth will redesigning the wheel over and over again do for the environment? The gains in energy efficiency are sure to be nugatory anyway, and the added costs in learning how to use these new things, and actually putting them to work will make the whole notional exercise look stupid. It ain't going to happen.

  2. Can't wait until we see the newly designed roast lamb!

    And shoes!

    And men's ties!


    Lamp posts!



    We can save the world with clunky design, for sure!

  3. Ha!
    I have the same problem with the 2 litre bottles is Aus. But the latest is a tamper proof seal inside the lid.

    Sometimes you just can't grasp it, and when you do get it off you spill the milk. Heaven help you if you have arthritis and can't grasp a little tab at the top of the seal.

    Phoned the chemist one day, I'd got home and couldn't get the bottle of drugs open. Not the screw cap, just the stupid anti-tamper seal. The bloody thing was dispensed by the chemist, it contained antibiotics and they had the stupid, stupid seal on it. And I don't have arthritis in my fingers yet.

  4. Thank goodness!

    I'm not the only fully grown adult who can't open child-proof containers.

    You've no idea how many times I've stood in the bathroom attempting to open a bottle of toilet cleaner Kae.

    Sometimes I even have to go and have a rest, do something less challenging, like writing the great Australian novel for half an hour, then, refreshed, I give the bloody bottle of cleaner another shot.

    Of course, sometimes I simply cry, and swish the tears around the bathroom sink with a dish rag - comes up quite sparkling.

  5. This is very silly. We've been pouring milk from plastic jugs for years. I can't even remember the last time I spilled any milk, much less cried over it!