July 6, 2008

Gravy for Kev, pain for us

Gotta luv Kev.

A man with no clue, yet he boldly steps forth each day making humongous decisions on our behalf.

Australia contributes about 1% (yes, that would be: one percent) to global carbon emissions.

Kev assured us during the election last year that he wouldn't make any derring-doo gratuitous moves on the environmental front unless other large countries did the same (although the point is moot if we continue to cool ... ).

Plucky little Kev has a short memory, which is why he is going full pelt to sprinkle unnecessary, meaningless, pointless environmental policies across the land, all of which will cost each and every one of us a motzza - all except Kev and his multimillionaire wife.

Kev has confirmed that while in office he has no intention of paying for his petrol or his electricity, which along with his butler and nanny for his son, are paid for my you and me.


  1. Expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill for a nanny, for his kid?

    Naaaaaaaaaaa, that ain't right Caz! Naaaaaaaaaaa, not right at all.
    Let him pay for his own nanny goat.

  2. I'm going to take a guess that the Mrs has picked up the Nanny bill for many years Kath, without even noticing the cost, right up until they became Mr & Mrs PM.

    Bloody disgraceful.

    Rudd has no clue about how the average person lives. He carps endlessly about "working families" (whatever that is), and he reeled in the voters, but he's got no idea, no empathy for ordinary people trying to get by.

    His grasp of macro and micro economics is scarily unhinged from the real world.

    It's going to be a very long three years.

    We've only had him for eight months.