June 24, 2008

When gangland trollops go bad

I've never had a deep and abiding interest in gangland lawyers, so I have no benchmark for normalcy or best practice in that sphere.

And we've all had dubious, dodgy or outright insane moments when it comes to matters of partnering-up, so I'm really not one to judge - who would dare, ordinarily?

Still, I'm figuring that if your soul mate and love of your life was gunned-down when you where in your early twenties, and four years later you're pregnant with the baby of some younger chap still living with his Mum, who, upon learning the awesome news that he is going to become a father, promptly wilts under the burden of delirious happiness, goes out with a can of spray paint and applies said paint to $30 K worth of Versace handbags in a shop at the Crown Casino complex, landing him with some (more) petty criminal charges - well, even for a gangland lawyer, I reckon you'd have to say that her judgment and taste in men has hit rock bottom, that she has dipped into the shallowest end of an already, stretched, strained, depleted, endangered genetic pool, tempting fate with the potential for a Darwin award, as it were.

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