June 11, 2008

Total tools

Yesterday PM Kev committed his government to a $35 million subsidy for Toyota to build 10,000 hybrid Camrys a year at Altona.

Our friendly Victorian Premier, whatshisname, has matched that subsidy dollar for dollar.

Seventy million dollars for "green" engines to be shipped in and the cars assembled here. No research, no innovation, just assembly of car parts already being made elsewhere in the world.

Without so much as a blush, Toyota executives have bitten the two hands stuffing money down their throats - obviously not enough of it, since the exec's were still able to speak - don't need the money they say; were going to do it regardless they say; their decision has nothing to do with government incentives they say; was already planned to go head they say.

What they said, in other words, was that our Federal and State governments have just pissed $70 million of our money up against a car engine for no reason, no benefit for the community, the car industry, or green technologies.

Won't stop Toyota taking the money though. And why shouldn't they. They're not as dumb as our innovative, fearless leaders. No siree. Not even close to being that retarded.

Retooling industry for uncertain times

(BTW - the technology for the green Camry will allegedly be out of date by the time the cars start rolling out. According to experts. Who aren't politicians with their hands on our money.)


  1. He is certainly a worry is our Kev! All show and no substance.
    But we knew that didn't we Caz?

    Nothing has changed since he said sorry and signed the (impotent) Kyoto protocol.
    BTW Caz, saw poor old Therese in a terrible outfit on the news tonight. Spotted dress with oversized beige jacket.She really does need some help... pronto!

    How about the fact that Rudd Gillard and Swan are out of the country at the same time?. Seems no one wants to be here to meet the Dalai Lama...Snorts!

  2. Oh jeez, the big D Lama is coming back?

    He was only here, like, yesterday, nodding and giggling.

    I have a stunning little piece about the (extremely beautiful and well groomed) female ministers in the French parliament Kath ... when I find time, and if I can find link to the whole article ...

    Maybe you saw it, in one of the Saturday papers?

  3. Na didn't see that one Caz.
    Would like to see it though.

  4. Try to imagine Kath, in tra la land, where we keep being told that the way Gillard and Therese dress doesn't matter and is no one's business ... that the commentary of the unwashed masses is sexist tripe.

    Try to imagine Kath, members of Gillard's staff petitioning her - yes, in writing, with all the formality of the most serious matters of state - complaining that she wears pants far too often ...

    Try to imagine Kath, Gillard taking heed of the feelings of her staff and making an effort to wear dresses more often ...

    Try to imagine Kath, if Gillard was also drop dead gorgeous and meticulously groomed, and such a petition was visited upon her ...

    In France, it happened.

    The gorgeous Minister did comply with the request.

  5. Must try to find the full article - worth reading.

    Will have a hunt around the interwebs tomorrow.

  6. Anonymous5:19 PM

    A few months back this piece in Britain's Daily Mail compared the dress sense of French ministers and British ministers. The pant-suits the Brits port remind me of the Gillard look. I'm still not convinced there is a photo of her anywhere wearing a dress...

  7. If anyone could uncover a pic of Gillard in a dress you could Dylan, so if you have failed, we conclude there are no dresses in her wardrobe, just as there are no 'nanas in her fruit bowl.