June 8, 2008

Spun out of control

Any locals wondering (anyone, anyone at all?) whatever happened to The Spin Starts Here, this handy dandy piece in today's paper spills the beans.

I can't claim to have been a regular, or even irregular, reader of the downed-blog, more a random biannual fly-by observer of what, in my ignorance, I thought was an aesthetically messy blog, with an inexplicable fixation on unwatchable local telly (people actually read the updates about Neighbors, or Home and Away?) and a less than original, acerbic or erudite take on pretty much everything else. It was self-described as "satirical". Banal was always what came to my bemused little mind.

Safe to say that I didn't *get* it.
Naturally the whiffs of controversy were also lost on me.

It was no Tyler Durden, that's for sure. Still for a lot of little Aussies it was, um, um, um ... what, exactly?

Cyber snipers cry foul


  1. Not sure where the writer of that article, Tom Reilly, gets off by asking Jeremy Sear - aka Anonymous Lefty - for his legal opinion on the legalities of the case. There's no way in hell Jeremy would give an objective assessment, considering his history with TSSH, and his previous history as a blog identity (first non-anonymous, then anonymous, then non-anonymous again, following repeated unveilings by Tim Blair, the Spin Starts Here team, and others.) Jeremy's own response to the SSH site is particularly bizarre - he claims to abhor bullying of any sort, and then links to one of the most obvious examples of internet bullying in recent times.

    The whole thing reeks of hypocrisy, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Age article was published in order to satisfy some ancient and petty media vendetta between Age journalist Tom Reilly, his editors, the Herald Sun, the Hack, and Caz.

  2. There's an lot of personal politics going on with this one, and the fact that a trivial story - and it is - is being reported in a major paper is, err, peculiar(?).

    Petty scores, by petty people, are being settled, somewhere and somehow.

    I hope they all feel better now.

    I only wish that the washing of dirty linen in public was far more compelling entertainment for the rest of us.

  3. And the story isn't even really new! It's bizarre how the MSM think they can just pick up an old blog story, dust it off, and present it as if it is just happening. Very petty, very silly.