June 29, 2008

Orange orbs

The Northern Territory was allegedly terrorized by a bunch of spaceships last week.

People in Liverpool, Britain, have also had recent encounters with "13 orange orbs".

[Really, if tanning salons were illegal, the world would be a safer, happier place for all.]

A UFO researcher, Keith Douglass, supported the sightings as being valid, based on the following staggeringly scientific and compelling evidence:
"The description was more or less spot on."
If you haven't already staggered and flayaled enough, Douglass then revealed this staggeringly scientific and believable tid-bit:
"These craft could go anywhere. There's probably 200 around the world. They've go agendas like us. Some are friendly: some don't like us."
I want a recount.

200 UFOs and only one lunatic?

The numbers don't add up.

There are way more than 200 orange orbs just in Chapel Street on any random morning.

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