June 4, 2008

Hillary ... refuses to lose

Hillary has lost.

She has steadfastly refused to concede.

She has also offered herself up to be a VP, for anyone willing to take her.



  1. Hillary has always been a loser.

    Thank God she never won! Can you picture her handing out cigars to all and sundry if she had?
    Heh Heh..

  2. Bill is off the hook now Kath.

    Bet he's enjoying a big cigar, as we type.

  3. One can imagine Hillary being asked tonight "Is this the end?"

    Hillary: "It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is."

    Or, "Have you rung Senator Obama and conceded?"

    Hillary: "It depends on how you define conceded...There were a lot of times when I though I'd conceded, but I never really thought I conceded."

  4. I'm hearing the strains of

    "I did not concede to that man"

    coming on.

  5. Is it possible to say:

    I did not have concession with that man!

  6. No duck!

    And I had a neat little quote for Duck Friday, all lined up...

  7. Yes Father, that's what I was groping around for in the middle of last night!

    Timmy - duck was scheduled, duck failed to appear, not for ducking trying ... I'll bet you've thrown that comment away on some cheap fluffy cat by now.

  8. As I alluded to yesterday (Borowitz Report must read my blog for inspiring ideas, me thinks):

    "The endgame of Hillary Clinton's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination took an unexpected turn today as her husband, former President Bill Clinton, updated his status on a popular social networking site.

    Visitors to Mr. Clinton's profile page at Facebook noticed that minutes after Mrs. Clinton suspended her campaign, President Clinton updated his status from "Married" to "It's Complicated."

    The former president also added several items under the category of "looking for" on his profile page.

    Previously, Mr. Clinton had indicated that he was on Facebook primarily for "networking," but today he added "friendship," "dating," and "a relationship" to the list.

    When asked what significance, if any, Mr. Clinton's profile updates had for his relationship with Mrs. Clinton, campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson offered an evasive response.

    "What can I tell you?" he said. "It's complicated."

  9. They are both slime balls Caz! Clinton and his missus. Just hope Obama doesn't pick her as his VP.

  10. He won't Kath.

    It's fanciful lunacy for anyone to believe or champion Hill' as VP.

    The joint ticket blah, blah, blah, was always been like some deranged Frankenstein wish. It would be as if Costello and Rudd had run together at our last election.

    I mean, really, I love America, I'm even a tiny bit American myself (yippee, yaaawwhh!) - God bless America - but jeez US political commentators and the peons in voter-land have some half-arsed harebrained ideas sometimes, err, often.

  11. Heh Caz! You make so much sense and make me smile at the same time too!
    Almost as good as a glass of chardonnay.. Which reminds me....

    My glass is empty!

  12. Oh dear ... forgot the other compelling reason that Hillary will not be VP:

    Hill' has about $12M of campaign debt - money she loaned to the campaign - and only three short months to legitimately raise the funds, otherwise her time is up, all bar a legally permissible $260K.

    Add the $12M to the other $20M or so of campaign debt, and all in all, Hillary is going to be kept busy baking an awful lot of lamingtons between now and the end of August.

    Hillary doesn't have time to run a bath, let alone time to run a mini-campaign for dibs on being anyones VP.

  13. Hillary hasn't conceded yet, she has only suspended her campaign. The witch hasn't been crush under Dorothy's house yet. I'm still waiting....

    If Obama picks her as VP, he'd better pick an efficient food taster.