June 23, 2008

He has nowhere to go

Now I'm a believer.

Costello was often and bitterly criticized by commentators for not going after Howard like a rabid dog on heat. Gutless, was one frequent epitaph, which at the time - not long ago - I thought a little harsh.

The flip side - his sturdy loyalty - did look suspiciously like the posturing of an insecure, skittish school girl when it really mattered - a year out from the election with Howard up in neon lights as yesterday's man.

Worse was to come after the election loss. The leadership virgin refused to lay down with the losing side, deeming the bed to be not damned good enough for him.


Timing is everything.

The newly disingenuousness Costello saw himself, not as a leader of the opposition,with grand plans to become PM in his own right, cutting a swathe through Rudd for a thrill-filled three years, no Costello would have none of that - he was off to make his fortune in the private sector. Trading on his bestest-ever Treasurer tag, he would stockpile popularity and cash akin to releasing a newly minted Paris Hilton sex tape.

Hasn't happened.

Won't happen.

Costello can't find a job.

Even the work of writing his biography must induce bitter tears at the thought of the meager $50K advance.

(Hey, tell it to someone who cares buddy: no one buys books about or by Libs: your publisher will be lucky to recoup, fact.)

In addition to his blunder-headed obstinate stupidity about the appropriateness of challenging Howard, Costello, as far as we can tell, didn't build relationships or personal interests while in parliament. Thus his naked unemployability now. Other pollies - those who reached the top job - were never so stupid.

The critics were right about his character.

What they didn't foresee was Costello, still a youngish man, cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Costello job hunt falls on hard times

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