June 13, 2008

Duck Friday


  1. Ah, a *Rudd Duck. So named, for it's exceptional ability to duck and weave. It is also prone to ostentatious displays, and loves an audience.
    The colourful plumage of the Rudd duck is very deceptive unfortunately, being a case of all show and little substance.

    The Rudd Duck is regarded in China as a symbol of wedded bliss and fidelity.
    However, for this particular Rudd duck the honeymoon now appears to be over.

    *Also fluent in Mandarin.

  2. Actually, it looks like a cross between a Mallard and a Rhode Island Red.

    And good enough to eat.

    It certainly ain't a "Neal Duck" characterised by a distinct lack of class and style and possessing the ability to shit upon all and sundry with, seemingly, a limitless colon of crap.