June 1, 2008

Dem's are noice to each other

Democratic Party officials have agreed to seat Michigan and Florida delegates with half-votes, despite both states breaking the known rules.

Obama's name wasn't on the Michigan ballot.

Hillary has reserved her right to appeal the outcome.

The deal means that Obama's pledged delegates have increased to 2,052, and Clinton's to 1,877.5.
"I understand the rules. ... I can tell you one thing that has driven these rules was being a party of inclusion," Flournoy said. "I wish my colleagues will vote differently."

"There's been a lot of talk about party unity—let's all come together, and put our arms around each other," said Ickes, who is also a member of the Rules Committee that approved the deal. "I submit to you ladies and gentlemen, hijacking four delegates ... is not a good way to start down the path of party unity."

"How can you call yourselves Democrats if you don't count the vote?" one man in the audience shouted before being escorted out by security.

Proponents of full seating continuously interrupted the committee members as they explained their support of the compromise, then supporters of the deal shouted back.

"Shut up!" one woman shouted at another.

"You shut up!" the second woman shouted back.

"We will leave here more united than we came"

"Lipstick on a pig!"

"We just blew the election!"

"This isn't unity! Count all the votes!"

Ah, the Dem's:

Can't read rules.

Can't throw a decent heckle.

Florida & Michigan get half votes


  1. On the other side of the world, you are waaaay more aware of USA
    election minutia than many of our
    denizens are... would you care to vote in our election in 2008?

  2. Hell yeah!

    With voluntary voting turn-out you Americans need all the voters you can get.

    In Oz, we're happy to vote whenever we're allowed to - we turn up in droves.