June 20, 2008

Class action against g-string wearers

A 52 year old woman has filed a suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court 13 months after a "metallic ornament" hit her in the eye while she was trying on a low-rise g-string from Victoria's Secret (one of their top sellers!).

Suing for $25,000, the woman injured her cornea and took several days off work at the time of the incident. She also claims that she will suffer for the rest of her life.

Having put a value of only $25,000 on this injury, I'm figuring that:

- parking officers get paid an awfully high daily rate (and get no sick leave); or
- the woman is not expected to live long (like, maybe another week or two); or
- the g-string induced injury is so trivial that it's only worth about $1000 a year to the victim.

Whatever the truth, I believe it's time that all refined citizens of the world initiated a class action to sue all low and high rise g-string wearers.

Her eye?


My eyes have been damaged for years!

And the eyes of an innocent, unsuspecting, unwitting public.


  1. "G," storm in a "t" cup I reckon.

  2. The case is thread-bare Kath.

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