June 26, 2008

Captain Chaos

A well researched and considered piece in last weekend's Australian (yes, yes, it's Thursday and I've only just gotten around to reading Saturday's paper).
"The Labor Government is six months in power, and chaos and indecision are impinging on normal decision-making processes. There's a lot of noise and announcements but insiders say nothing much is actually happening.

The two words most commonly used about Rudd's office are chaotic and dysfunctional. One only need drop by to have that confirmed.

Senate estimates teased out the example of Hae-kyong Holdaway, the mother of two who worked 36 hours straight after being asked to hurriedly draft legislation for FuelWatch.

One of the problems, insiders say, is that the favourite way for members of the PM's staff to begin a phone call is "The Prime Minister wants ..." One public service source says often after such a phone call there is no follow-up and the work is often done in vain.

[Ah, yes. I remember the torture well. Be assured folks, this is a nasty habit run rife throughout the public service, it's not unique to the PM's office. It peculates from the top right down to the lowest reaches of every department - ed.]

It was under Epstein as chief-of-staff that Beazley as Opposition leader became obsessed with - and disappeared under - a 24-hour news cycle. Everything was seen by how it would play on that night's TV news. The same thing is happening to Rudd now."

Worth reading the whole thing for an early insight to the Rudd government. In other words: it's not your imagination, things really are as bad as they look to the punters - Inner Circle.


  1. Well, It comes as no surprise, does it? I have always thought that Rudd would be a do nothing prime minister. (I have been trying so hard to keep an open mind)
    He is too much of a diplomat a beauract and a paper shuffler...

    In short he cannot make a decision.

    He is a vacillator.
    (Not to be confused with vibrator)

  2. No chance that Rudd would ever be confused with a vibrator.





  3. Oh, maaaate!
    I haven't read the weekend's papers yet either. It's a pain when you get behind.

    Caz, are you sure that Kevni couldn't be confused with a vibrator? He's sort of the same shape...

  4. Err, I'm not going there.

    I never inquire the shape of anyone's vibrator or apparatus of choice.

    All I know is that, in my mind, none of them are shaped like Kev.

    But, hey, thanks for the imagery Kae, you job is done here, now you can go torture other unsuspecting bloggers.

    *Closes eyes, covers ears*