May 14, 2008

Wednesday Wisdom

There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

Steven Wright


  1. For Hillary:

    There's a fine line between candidacy and campaigning in pertinacious irrelevancy.

  2. I don't exactly have instant recall of all past US nomination campaigns Father, but I suspect Hillary is now officially the most bloody-minded stubborn ass who ever ran and failed to surrender long after the gig was up.

    No stranger to public humiliation, perhaps it is now her friend.

  3. Not so sure it's even a "friend" anymore - she used to go to bed with it before it discovered interns and Havanas. No even before that one suspects. She and president Public Humiliation only campaign

    Since the primaries became the be all and end all (after '68) the result has almost always been known by March - April at the latest. This has been different largely because of the "woman/black" thing. The writing, though, has been on the wall sice Hillary's underwhelming "Super Tuesday"/Texas results.

    She is a vain, pig-headed arse. Pulling out gracefully now - and pledging her support for the "next Democractic president of these here United States" - would see her stocks rise for any other future campaign. Even more in the strange event something "happens" to Obama or his campaign.

  4. Far too late for grace Father, a pullout, when it comes, will inevitably be graceless.

    She should have checked with Bill, he knows a thing or two about the oval office and pulling out gracelessly. :-D