May 14, 2008

Swan Budget IV

It's possible that someone in the Federal Government should have spoken to the Department of Immigration before getting all gung-ho about increasing the number of permanent skilled migrates - the ALP target, announced in the budget, being the "biggest influx of skilled migrants in 60 years".

That's nice an' all, but if they'd bothered to check, the ALP would have discovered, from published records, that a staggering number of skilled migrants wind up in jobs that are, err, shall we say, less than skilled, and, umm, entirely unrelated to the qualifications for which they were granted entry.

This is fact. Discovered (oddly enough) by the Department of Immigration, as they ventured to measure the grand success of the skilled migration program.

The mind-numbingly unavoidable conclusion was that the program was a god-forsaken abysmal failure.

Not too far from 100% of skilled migrates failed to find work in their area of expertise or qualifications and failed to find skilled work of any kind. Essentially, we're luring migrants to our seductive shores so that we have a big healthy pool of over-qualified people to take on low paid, low skilled work, which is not especially under pressure. (Where is the cleaner shortage, hey?)

So, yeah, "on ya" Swan, for the "biggest influx in sixty years". Those plucky little migrants will hate your guts and the overall workforce will be neither better skilled nor more employable. But, sure, hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time, didn't it, contrary to known and readily accessible facts.

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