May 28, 2008

Revolting artists

The worms of the arts community have turned on Kev because he described Bill Henson's naked kiddy pics as "revolting". Apparently that's not OK.

In a letter signed by dozens of arteest-type people, they assert:
"If an example is made of Bill Henson, one of Australia’s most prominent artists, it is hard to believe that those who have sought to bring these charges will stop with him. Rather, this action will encourage a repressive climate of hysterical condemnation, backed by the threat of prosecution.

this action will encourage a repressive climate of hysterical condemnation backed by the threat of prosecution."
There's no evidence that this will be the outcome. History does not lend any weight to such an hysterical suggestion.

It's a very rare thing for art or literature to be prosecuted or censored in Australia.

I'm prepared to look into my crystal ball and declare that there won't be an avalanche, or even a trickle, of subsequent cases.

Henson's photo's are in custody, but so far no charges have been laid. If they are - and that is yet to be determined by the DPP - I would be surprised if the state wins. It's improbable that a charge of publishing an indecent article under the Crimes Act would hold up under court scrutiny. On that basis, the DPP very likely won't proceed.

I don't agree that Henson is a great artist. He is, yes, a tad obvious, as one of his overseas exhibits was described.

He has also been called:
controversial, bombastic, melodramatic and overwrought.

Which pretty much sums up this current development.

Open letter in support of Bill Henson

The controversial career of Bill Henson


  1. And I never thought that I would ever agree with Kevin Rudd Caz!

    One thing I can say for Henson Caz. He does some beautiful landscape shots.

  2. That's the thing Kathy, none of this detracts from his other work, indeed, it attracts attention to his other work, which has a much wider appeal - none of the controversy or icky after taste.

    Perhaps he will consider taking up photographing naked old folk, or just naked grown-ups, now that his days of being the old bloke getting young kids to strip off are numbered. Time he stretched his artistic abilities, away from naked kiddies.

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I never knew who Bill Henson was till the other day; I thought he was the Muppet guy.

    Nude Muppets now that is revolting, isn't it?

    I reckon Bill will be most grateful for all the attention.

    He can take nudies of me if he wishes - I've been told I have the body of David (by a number of lady friends)- sad David was an object of desire for Greek men.

    Maybe that explains why the aforementioned ladies had deep voices and large adams apples and were all named Lola.

  4. Hmm, think you can just waltz back in here and talk about naked muppets as if you've never been away, hey Justin?

    Taking liberties out of the blue, with no explanation for your nicking off and leaving us in the lurch.


  5. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Sorry Caz for not submitting a leave form but where I went they don't have leave forms, naked Muppets or girls named Lola.

    Anyway hope youse are all well and blogging happily along.

    BTW - that Caz avatar is naked, but I will never hold it against you....unfortunately.

  6. You are cetainly incorrigible Jus!

    It's part of the reason why I find you so.... irresistible..
    Simply, irresistible..


  7. If I'd know your personal peccadilloes Justin, I would have ditched the fairy costume so as to accommodate your needs.

    Too late my friend.

  8. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Kath - When did Kevin Rudd become Kevin Rudd Caz and when did Henson become Henson Caz?

    I never thought Caz was that admired others would adopt her name.

    JO Caz

    Kath Caz

    Father Park Caz

    Maybe Caz will become like Sing.

    Anyway how's tricks Kath? - and on another note what do you think about Rudd Caz's fuel watch thing. Does it work over their in WA or is it a load of crap?

    Poor old Kevin Caz appears to be copping a bit of heat - the real world is closing in on him. Hehehehe.

  9. So long as I never become like Sting - he has, like, totally shite hair.

  10. And he's a bit of a dickhead, quite frankly.

  11. Fuel watch is a crock of shite my love, as you easterners will soon see!
    Yeah Kev is copping a bit of flack now, eh?
    People will soon realize that he is just a younger (more conservative) version of Howard after all!.

  12. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Thought so Kath; but it doesn't matter to me for I haven't paid for petrol for over 5 years now. As a matter of fact the free petrol I get goes into the free car I own. My clients rather appreciate my efforts and reward me in convenient ways.

    As for Sting - yep a dickhead for what I can make outa him; but I actually meant to write Singh.

    You know those Seik people who all share the sir name of Singh.

    How convenient if we all had the same sir name.

    I reckon Caz as a sir name would be cool. It is easy to remember and easy to spell.

    It would be like we were all one big happy family just like in Tassie.

  13. I'd never thought of it Justin, but yes, it makes perfect sense, and should have been one of your suggestions at 2020.

    Caz is short and easy to spell, not difficult to pronounce, and has a light breezy sound to it.

    Justin Caz

    Kathy Caz

    Father Caz

    Jacob Caz

    Tim Caz

    Prime Minister Caz

    President Caz

    Imagine the Caz merchandise, you know, like the Hello Kitty merchandise so popular in Japan.

    Hello Caz - would sell up a storm with the right marketing!

  14. Do you have a contingency plan,

  15. Oh, just ditch the fairy suit!

  16. Sometimes I take the wings off, when no one is looking. They itch, and get in the way when washing my hair.

  17. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I suppose you'd have to take your wings off when you go to bed otherwise you'd have to spend the whole night on your tummy.

    I could never be a fairy cause I like to sleep on my back.

  18. Oops, yes, indeed Justin.

    I'm not a tummy sleeper either.

    The wings come off, unless being used for titillation, of course.