May 26, 2008

My Spam

Should I claim the free Viagra?


The two pairs of ugg boots?


  1. The penis enhancements?

    Actually, I haven't been getting any lately..

  2. Mine goes straight into a SPAM folder, for careful consideration at my leisure, and for occasional removal of mail that isn't SPAM. (Google recently and out of nowhere decided that all blog comments were SPAM, which was a little disconcerting.)

    Today I could also take advantage of a $100 voucher to pig out at Subway, or a $100 Victoria Secrets voucher "for Valentine's Day" - I guess someone out there plans much further ahead than I do, so I might take the food instead.

    The ugg boots are tempting, given the weather, but I can only wear one pair at a time.

  3. Nah, one pair on your hands.

    Go for the ugg boots, Caz.

  4. Good point Nilk.

    A spare set for hand warmers, or even oven mits.

    Of course, if I took the Viagra I could use it to keep the ugg boots upright.