May 31, 2008

A little nip & tuck

I can't remember what caused anything prior to the all encompassing pending catastrophe of climate change.

The whole world must have been running on pure ignorance back in the day.

Climate change is a fact. Hear! Hear!

Yep, sure is.

Four and a half billion years, give or take, most of it without human presence or a can of Coke, and the climate certainly did change, and change, and change, and change, and change, and change.

Still is.

Now we humans, in the eight nanoseconds of our time on earth, have the audacity to claim credit for changing the climate, purely by accident.

In our arrogance and conceit, we're now convinced ourselves that we can change the climate on purpose.

Unindented consequences be damned!

We scoff at niggly naysayers!



We've decided to call it "reversal", which, on par with extreme makeovers involving porcelain veneers, liposuction, silicone implants and hoist-em-high face lifts, suggests a few simple steps to retrieving the better, more youthful , purer self - simulating a moment in time prior to the well deserved ravaging effects of our hedonism.

If we can reverse a decaying body or two, surely we have the ingenuity to reverse one Earth.

Yes we can!

Just ask Al Gore, our fat friend with the mega-wattage personal carbon-spewage bill.

Everything that happens might be the fault of climate change, might ...
"It was only to be expected that former US Vice President Al Gore would give this month’s Burmese cyclone an apocalyptic twist. “Last year,” he said, “a catastrophic storm hit Bangladesh. The year before, the strongest cyclone in more than 50 years hit China....We’re seeing the consequences that scientists have long predicted might be associated with continual global warming.”
'Cause apparently over billions of years, long before Al and you and me, there was no such thing as storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or tsunamis ... or climate as we know it, changing and changing, violent, unpredictable, inhospitable, uncontrollable. Nope. No such thing. Until modern man.

"[Gores] not so subliminal message was that these natural catastrophes foreshadow the end of the world."

Apocalyptic beliefs have always been part of the Christian tradition. They express the yearning for heaven on earth, when evil is destroyed and the good are saved.

With the collapse of optimism, contemporary apocalyptic belief lays more stress on catastrophe and less on utopia.

Newspapers everywhere carried stories predicting that computer systems would crash on January 1, 2000, causing much of the world to shut down. The subtext was familiar: those who live by technology will die by it.

Misreporting of science is now so routine that we hardly notice it. Much more serious is when science itself becomes infected by the apocalyptic spirit.

This brings us back to Al Gore and climate change. There is no doubt that the earth became warmer over the twentieth century (by about 0.7 degrees Celsius) ... At some “tipping point,” the world will be subject to floods and pestilence in classic apocalyptic fashion.

This is the second doomsday scenario of recent decades, the first being the Club of Rome’s prediction in 1972 that the world would soon run out of natural resources. Both are “scientific,” but their structure is the same as that of the Biblical story of the Flood: human wickedness (in today’s case, unbridled materialism) triggers the disastrous sequence, which it may already be too late to avert. Like Biblical prophecy, scientific doomsday stories seem impervious to refutation, and are constantly repackaged to feed the hunger for catastrophe.

scientists themselves are partly responsible, because they have hardened uncertainties into probabilities, treated disputable propositions as matters of fact, and attacked dissent as heresy.

their intolerance of dissent is hugely magnified when they see themselves as captains in the salvationist army, dedicated to purging the world of evil habits.

The danger is that we become so infected with the apocalyptic virus that we end up creating a real catastrophe – the meltdown of our economies and lifestyles – in order to avoid an imaginary one."

Y2K had a natural end point, a moment beyond which doomsday prophecy came to fruition, or not.

Even the Club of Rome’s predictions had a small window of opportunity to be proven true, or not.

The climate change apocalypse, by contrast, is handcrafted to hold for perpetuity, the cataclysm that continues into the never never, with multidimensional and misunderstood data, a mesmerizing array of unknowns, abstract computer models clunking out linear equations in defiance of climatic complexities, and billions of true believers who have no understanding of any of it, other than what is spoon fed to them by salvationist scientists, politicians, the MSM and Al Gore.

Climate change arrived just in time to save Revelation from being ditched into a discount bin to languish with Nostradamus.

The Apocalyptic Mind


  1. Bravo Caz. You oughta get a standing ovation for that post.

    Meanwhile millions of children worlwide suffer from malnutrition and are starving.THAT IS something that we could all do something about!

  2. Why do I have an ever increasing urge to assault office workers as they innocently walk the streets, steal their bottled water, and FedEx it to Africa?

  3. I agree with Kathy and add,
    there's just no fixing the deliberately stupid.