May 11, 2008

It's done

Then there was one superdelegate ...

Only four short months ago Clinton had a lead of 100 superdelegates.

Now, not so much.

Clinton: 273
Obama: 272

Pledged delegates:

Clinton: 1,424

Obama: 1,592

Clinton is looking beat, in all literal senses.

Obama still looks like a skinny guy with big ears, who hasn't worked out that his vanity doesn't flatter. Please, please, someone feed the man a burger with the lot, a cheese cake and three chocolate éclairs, washed down with a litre of full sugar coke.


  1. "...Looking beat in all literal senses" indeed.

    Recall all the hoopla of Pennsylvania? All the way to White House et al? the momentum has shifted?

    Pennsyvania was represented as a "crushing" win for Clinton in some quarters. How crushing exactly? She took a majority (according to the somewhat conservative NYT estimate) of 12 delgates. In the three contests since she has drawn Guam, won Indiana (another "good win") and lost North Carolina. The upshot? Obama took 175 from the four contests and Clinton 174.

    How big was Pennsylavania? About as big as an effort-fart in an olympic sized swimming pool.

    For Hillary it is game over. She does nought but bleed the party with her insouciance in continuing.

  2. She should have pulled out by now Father.

    Galling if it turns out to be true that her only reason for continuing is to raise funds to recoup the $11M she has "lent" to the campaign.

    Plenty have used up their own $$$ on these campaigns and it's not as though the Clintons would miss the money (well, unless they're planning to buy their own little country somewhere so that Hillary can be President by default).

    Doesn't make sense to me, given that for every week she keeps going it costs millions to keep it all afloat.

    It's past her bedtime, truly it is.