May 11, 2008


Al Gore is determined to change the world and determined that we should all help him do it - one petition at at time.

From Gore's "Take Action" list, on his site:

1. Sign the petition to protect polar bears by May 15.

2. Sign the petition for a global treaty on climate change.

3. Spread the Word - Encourage your friends to join the movement by sharing videos, downloads, and other materials.

4. Advocate for Change - Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, meet with an elected official, or call a community leader today.

5. My Community - Get involved in local events and groups that are helping to solve the climate crisis.

6. Minimize Your Own Impact.

- sign a petition for a non-endangered species (that's OK, I'm all for preventative actions), click on web sites, hold events, bang-off some emails, hold more events, yap, click, sign and nag other people to make them do something.

I can see the $300M worth of highly sophisticated thinking that went into the six dot points on how to save the world. Wonder how Al's going to spend the left over $299.999.999.

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