May 16, 2008

Duck Friday


  1. Only five more days until The Princess and her Prince tie the knot.

  2. Too cute!

    Only five days, Caz? Still time for the Princess to come to her senses..Lol!

  3. Congratulations to the Princess.

    Exciting times I imagine eh Caz??

    Only ten months until twent-five years!

    Oh dear, no wonder the CAT scans on the spine and the PSA tests...

  4. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Fantastic news and a wonderful Duck Friday.

  5. Wow, the good lady has stayed around a while Father, you must be doing something right. You'll be putting on quite a turn in the rectory next year, for sure.

    Perhaps not as romantic as your French nuptials Dylan, but we should manage to pull off a decent party and a fun time will be had by all down at Philip Island. A momentous day, a real milestone in more ways than one, starting to get all sentimental now that the day is almost upon us.