May 8, 2008


The MSM can't get enough of Gordon Ramsay.

Actually, they think too much of Ramsay is a bad thing and they can't stop writing about him.

Screeds and screeds and screeds, week after week after week.

Many forests have fallen in the name of little Aussie journalists pontificating, aimlessly, with all the banality they can muster, not about Ramsay, per se, it's all about ƒυςќ, and Ramsay's vigorous use of it as a verb, noun, adjective, modifying dangler, or in place of a sigh of relief, expression of despair, or exclamation of delirious happiness.

No matter the occasion, ƒυςќ serves him well - or serves him, period - and our journo's and random social commentators are carrying on as if they've been collectively turkey-slapped.

One wonders how just many pages can be written about someone's use of the word ƒυςќ - lots, it would seem - despite no-one
having anything to say.

Lots of words - and I
read them - then I get to the end and all I think is: "what the ƒυςќ was that about".

Disclaimer: The Princess and her Prince have recently bought a puppy, christened Ramsay, in honor of Gordon Ramsay.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    But can the ƒυςќin' prick cook?

  2. Well, I for one was almost drooling and wishing for a bowl of his tomato soup, accompanied by crusty toasted bread & melted cheese, when he tried to sort out an adorable little French restaurant the other week.

    Silly cow of an owner was too lazy to follow his example and the place was closed within weeks of him being there to show them how to run the place.

    The restaurant may be gone, but I'm still imagining the bliss of Ramsay's tomato soup.

    Not sure that my imaginings are an endorsement of his cooking, but it must count for something.

  3. Every fuckin' second word is "F" People seem so fucking captivated by Ramsey and his fuckin' foul mouth.Apparently the ratings are fuckin' sky high mate.
    It's all a fuckin' publicity stunt, and it's worked a fuckin' treat.

    Speaking of fucking, Caz..(phew, nearly forgot the comma then)
    Have you seen Hillary Fucking Obama?

    I think Hillary is well and truly fucked now!

  4. Yeah it is a bit much on the F word, but I'm still hooked on that show more on how bad some of these people are who think they know how to cook!