April 11, 2008

World wankers

There are many funny aspects to the US battle of the primaries, such as the claims-to-fame of the contenders when touting their foreign policy credentials, and, presumably, their ability to pick up the handset of a red phone and speak into it like a normal person at three in the morning.

John McCain relies on his not at all obviously foreign-policy related military career and combat experience.

Hillary Clinton likes to dwell endlessly on her *involvement* in international and national security, not to mention dodging invisible bullets and other hero-like qualities.

Barack Obama draws a long string of the bow of family ties, in particular to relatives in poor villages in Kenya, plus his years spent growing up in Indonesia. This week he expanded his resume by discussing a three week holiday in Pakistan more than 25 years ago, during which he also made a quick side trip to India.


Doesn't matter who becomes POTUS from this little lot, US foreign policy is going to be mightily fucked during the next term.

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