April 27, 2008


"Many atheist sects are experimenting with building new, human-centered quasi-religious organizations"
Yeerrs, you read that correctly.

Forget the lunatic antics of Scientology, over in a America, real people are talking about atheism in terms of "sects" and some atheists are calling for (without blushing) a need to have their own little churches.

Let's define this correctly, shall we. We'll do it once, and then we'll never speak of this again.

Treating atheism as a faith, with structures, with orthodoxies, with membership criteria, is the same as defining bald as a hair color or not gardening as a hobby.

If god is dead, who gets his house ...


  1. I don't believe it!! Heh heh heh.

    During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution,one mornings executions began with three men: a Rabbi, a Catholic priest and a rationalist skeptic.
    The Rabbi was marched up onto the platform first. There facing the guillotine he was asked if he had any final words. And the Rabbi cried out" I believe in the one and true God and he will save me!"
    The executioner then positioned the Rabbi below the blade, set the the block above his neck, and pulled the cord to set the terrible instrument in motion.The heavy cleaver plunged downward searing the air.But then abruptly, it stopped with a crack just a few inches above the would be victims neck. To which the Rabbi said," I told you so!"

    "It's a miracle," gasped the crowd, and the executioner had to agree, letting the Rabbi go.

    Next in line was the priest Asked for his final words he said: "I believe in God, The Father, Son and Holy Ghost who will rescue me in my hour of need." The executioner then positioned this man beneath the blade, then pulled the cord. Again the blade flew downward, thump! Creak! Stopping short of it's mark once more.

    "Another miracle," sighed the disappointed crowd. And the executioner for the second time had no choice but to let the condemned go free.

    Now it was the skeptics turn. "What final words have you to say?" he was asked.But the skeptic didn't hear, staring intently at the ominous engine of death, seemingly lost in thought.Not until the executioner poked him in the ribs and the question was asked again, did he reply.

    "Oh, I see your problem" the skeptic said, pointing.
    "You've got a blockage in the gear assembly, right there!"

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    This is a classic case of Pew Envy.

  3. Anonymous4:31 PM

    A bet the skeptic was a Paddy.

  4. Anonymous6:47 PM

    The fall guy for jokes in France is usually a Belgian. Here's a pic that did the rounds after 9/11. The words go something like, "A Belgian terrorist in a hang glider attacked the Montparnasse Tower (in Paris). Result: 1 dead."

  5. Tee hee.

    I'm also glad that the French have another country to laugh about.

  6. Hi ya Dylan!
    Was wondering where you had got to. Notice you haven't bothered commenting on the dills blog lately.Can't say I blame you. The guy's a nutter and won't entertain the thoughts and opinions of any reasonable person.

  7. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Hey Kath. Yeah, I was sick most of last week and barely turned on the computer save for checking email. Feeling a bit better now but not quite well enough to wrap my head[1] around the grammar-free environment that is Phil's. :)

  8. Ah, sorry to hear that Dylan, but good to hear that you're starting to pick up.

    The no-punctuation-will-ever-cross-
    this-key-board affectation is mildly interesting, in the same way that the contents of a babies nappy can be mildly interesting from time to time, but after a bit, it's exhausting work, for no reward.