April 7, 2008

I am not an animal

Err ... I am not a robot.

So says Kev, who is still busy defending his salute to POTUS, insisting that it was a manifestation of his quirky sense of humor.

Meanwhile, Kev is incomprehensible on the global stage (just wait ... he
will try this at home kiddies), and Mrs Kev is being harangued to get thee to a stylist and a hairdresser.

(How many loud, large dresses and jackets can one woman carry in a suitcase - lots. How many handbags and shoes - just the one of each, apparently, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it.)

Kev, impressing his international peers:

"There has to be a greater synergy between, let's call it our policy leadership in this, which has been focused so much, legitimately, on targets and global architecture, almost reverse-engineered back to the means by which you can quickly deliver outcomes, and on the demand side in our economy we're looking at potential advances in terms of 20 to 25% range if you do this across the board. It all takes cost, but let me tell you it's probably the quickest lever you can pull given the challenges we face."
Two years and 8 months to go.

Someone, anyone, please
help us!

Rudd says he's no robot, yet he talks like one ...


  1. The guy's a fuckin' twit Caz! Has no idea about economics, and is full of gobbledygook.

    The wife ain't much better.
    For Kev's(euphemism for expletive) sake she is a bloody millionaire. Can't she get herself a decent hairstylist?
    Employ the expertise of a fashion stylist.
    And finally, enlist the services of a personal trainer!

    What a pair!(Kath tears hair out in despair!)

  2. To the robot and the lardarse!
    Long may you rein.. not!
    Kath salutes.

  3. "What a pair."

    Indeed Kath, that one solitary pair of shoes and one solitary handbag that Mrs Kev has been photographed wearing and carrying every time she has stepped out to official functions beggar belief.

    Plain, well worn, pointy pumps are NOT a fashion statement!

    NOT with every bloody outfit!

    OK, OK, the outfits aren't a fashion statement either.

    If she grew her hair longer she would look less like a golliwog.

    Not sure what else to do with the hair.

    I'd kill for natural curls, but by gosh, you still have to "do" something with curly hair, you can't just keep it short and let is ... you know, SIT there!

  4. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I am

  5. We know that Justin.

    That's why we keep you, feed you, take you walkies and rub your tummy.

  6. Anonymous11:28 PM


  7. Would love to help you, but we've got our hands full over here. Two babbling liberals and one republican who may well be a RINO (republican in name only). Yikes. Not a conservative in sight.

  8. Not sure if one K.Rudd on the world stage tops a Clinton an Obama and a McCain in the hand, Cubicle.

    Sounds like a good board game for masochists though.