March 21, 2008

Witless and charmless

Stuff White People Like has not only attracted massive media attention in the US, but also gathered the obligatory sheep-following of - white people.

The blog is written by a would-be comedian (I didn't bother to find his name), and is supposed to be satire, or comedy, or socially insightful, or a really side-splitting critique of white-Anglo-culture, or something.

I was struck by its insipidity, and how I nearly fell asleep, despite the blogger displaying entirely adequate grammar and a good grasp of routine English.

I didn't smirk, snirtle, snigger or snort.

It's as if my entire body had been Botoxed, not a muscle moved. I swear I had no blood flow, all body cells ceased reproducing and repairing themselves, my fingernails and hair stopped growing, until I dragged my attention away to something more stimulating, like staring at the wall, trying to find tiny little bubbles in the paint work.

But then I was rudely startled when I went back to read the squillions of commenters who mostly proclaim the same thing on every single thread: "wow, that's so true".

Witlessness has reached a new low. An eighth level of hell, an eighth wonder of meaninglessness. My delicate (white) psyche cringed at the banality of it all, the peculiar narcissism, much like Paris Hilton telling us she is hot, hot, hot, even thought she's not, not, not.

The whole premise of the blog seems to be that something true is, ipso facto, funny.

This, however, assumes, with some contorted logic and a neatly woven-basket of ignorance that the inventory of "stuff white people like" is true or funny or both.

One thing we now know for sure, and it's not on the blog list, is that white people are not masters of chiaroscuro.
Don't laugh. It's not funny.


  1. I read an interesting variation on 'snirtle, snigger, or smirk' this afternoon, in the book 'Guy Mannering' by Walter Scott.

    'Sniggling': one character is described as 'sniggling'.

    Just as you might imagine, it's a combination of 'snirtle', 'giggle', and 'snort'.


  2. The white folks site didn't get a smirk, snigger, snirtle OR sniggle from me. Just not funny.