March 29, 2008

Human rights extended

Beverly Hills - Billion Dollar Brows - dedicated to the principle that: "beautiful brows are a right, not a privilege."

All of their "brow artists are highly trained estheticians who live for shaping the perfect arch".

There are worse things to live for, I suppose.


  1. Surely they jest, Caz?

  2. 'Beautiful brows are a right, not a privilege'. Sounds like a call for eyebrow socialism. Plucked eyebrows for all, not just the rich!

  3. And you have a problem with that, Tim..?

    Excellent news. Where do I get one of these people and can I keep them n the cupboard under the sink?

  4. Oh damn, now we're going to have to take up a collection to send Nails over to Beverly Hills.

    We must unite her with her kindred spirits.


  5. You misunderstand me - I do not want to be one, I merely want to own one both for my use and for the awful eyebrowed types I see around me. I'd also like to send one over to Madonna's little girl.

  6. Oh god, yes, poor hairy Lourdes, all that money and Mum won't spring for a pair of tweezers or a trip to the local waxer.

    On the contrary, I understood perfectly: I thought it best if we sent you over to select your very own brow-stylist, much like purchasing a personal Oompah Loompah.

  7. Now an Oompah Loompah eyebrow artiste would be just the thing. Wonder where I can get me one of those..?

  8. Oompah! Loompah! Loompity-do!
    I've got a tasty tweezer for you!
    This follicle plucked, this follicle squeezed!
    Nails will soon look like the bees knees!

  9. Yah, like I don't already!