March 23, 2008

Enjoy your breakfast

Planning on having honey on your toast for breakfast tomorrow?

Honey is basically bee vomit, which bees use to feed their young and sustain the hive during winter. To make such glorious stuff, honeybees sip the best nectar from the ripest flowers. Nectar is a watery mix of various sugars, with those sugars accounting for between 3 and 80 percent of the solution. Through a combination of repeated regurgitation and vigorous wing fanning, bees make the solution lose moisture, giving the sugars sticky-sweet reign--and giving you the essence of spring flowers on your toast.



  1. I hate honey, Caz.
    The smell of it makes me want to vomit!
    Now I know why..

  2. I'm a golden syrup girl Kath, honey doesn't do it for me.

    (Now please, no one tell me where golden syrup comes from, 'kay.)

  3. Good thing I'm not possessed of a sweet tooth. Never use the stuff, nor chocolate, sugar....

  4. Hmmm, Mike.. We all know your tastes tend toward those of a bacchanalian nature.

    Ah, fruit of the vine is most certainly sweet.

    As Ogden Nash said
    Candy is dandy
    But liquor is quicker.

    All this piss talk is making me thirsty..
    Off to pour myself a liberal glass of chardonnay.


  5. Anonymous11:56 PM

    You've never lived if you haven't tried bees' vomit and peanut butter on your sandwiches.

    I almost gag when I eat liver on its own, but absolutely adore liverwurst. I don't know what's in it either, but fairly confident it's not regurgitated by any organism. (Please don'r say anything to dispel this, if it's a delusion.)

  6. Yuuummm-o - pate, pate, pate.

    But that's not liver, it's spreadable.

    Don't anyone tell me otherwise, 'kay?

  7. Anonymous10:53 PM

    I'm a fan of both golden syrup and honey, and not really put off by the fact that it's bee vomit. (Kinda adds to the attraction, really, like in that Calvin 'N' Hobbes cartoon where the Mum gets Calvin to eat his cabbage, and enjoy it, by telling him it's monkey brains.)

    That being said, I reckon honey and golden syrup have different uses. Syrup I like on crumpets and pancakes, and as a flavouring in porridge (an alternative to brown sugar). Honey is more for use on toast or bread. Syrup, I use in cooking a bit. Honey, I can't think of any recipes it really goes in. (I get a lot of this from my parents.)

  8. And many perfumes are distilled from the sex glands of cats. It's best not to think about it and just enjoy.

  9. Tim - yes, definitely with pancakes or crumpets or dumplings!

    There are definitely recipes with honey, whether cakes, biscuits or deserts, of one kind or another, even stir fries and marinades.

    Cube - OMG - now I finally understand why Chanel No.5 smells like cat's piss, but I still don't understand why more women in the world choose to smell like cat's piss than any other fragrance.