March 24, 2008

Easy: don't announce cuts

Rudd is a fast learner: having backed down on cutting the small annual sum of $1600 to carers, he has now cut dental help to those in greatest need - with no announcement.

For eligible people, the Howard government gave Medicare rebates on three dental treatments a year, which was increased to $4250 over a two-year period at the end of 2007. The scheme assisted people with chronic conditions or complex needs. I figure not many people would be eligible, with, no doubt, stringent criteria.

This week Rudd has axed the program.

Doctors and dentists were notified, patients were not.

The scheme is scheduled to end for new patients on March 30 (yes, that would be in six days) and for others on June 30.

No public announcements.

Next on their agenda is reviewing what they believe to be the over-funding of metal health services.



  1. Well, I was definitley wrong when I refered to Rudd as a snake, Caz!(in relation to him cutting the $1600 to carers)

    The man is lower than a snake's

    Certainly he speaks with forked tongue,pretending to care about the average struggling family.

    That he is conniving rather than compassionate, is excruciatingly obvious.
    Why else would he have left it for nearly a week before he backed down on scrapping the carer's allowance.A caring and empathetic PM would not have been so callous as to take away money from many who already have very little, in the first place.

    He only backed down after the ensuing furore from the public!

    Certainly not for caring reasons.

    Now this!

    Methinks that Kevin from heaven's halo is slipping a mite!

    The more things change the more they stay the same *sighs*

  2. Well, if there's a recession it ain't due to Kev's extravagant funding.

    I've not seen this Caz have you something about it?? (been too busy doing and ignoring this bloody SLA whilst attempting to celebrate Easter and our 24th wedding anniversaty this weekend to read much).

    The tax cut simply must go by the board. Jay Whites of the world don't need 'em and plenty of others do not. The top end stuff should remain as is. The lower end should be given what's on the table ; the rest await the outcome of the present US recession.

    God forbid that China and other Asian "boomers" ever require somewhat less of our commodities: the result will mirror 1982 - not 1991/2. It may very well be worse.

  3. That very old saying: "penny wise, pound foolish" springs to mind Father.

    What the hell are they doing?

    Their suggested cuts, to date, are nothing more than dicking-around with loose change - it means bugger all for the gov't's total budget, but it means everything to those they want to take from - the least able and the most deserving.

    I can't for the life of me figure out their broader strategy and vision for tackling inflation without rooting the economy and seeing unemployment heading up to double digits.

    Mind you, I don't know what their goals are, period. It's not obvious at this moment.

  4. "I can't for the life of me figure out their broader strategy and vision for tackling inflation without rooting the economy and seeing unemployment heading up to double digits."

    Exactly, Caz!.

    You have hit the nail on the head.

    My fear is that there IS no broader strategy, and vision!

    It's hit and miss at the moment.

    And, I totally agree that" the tax cuts must go by the board" too Mike.

  5. We are in a very precarious position. One not visited since 1988/9 and, in real terms, 1981/2.

    I don't know how many out there rember that earlier recession. The worst since the thirties and driven by a large fall in (our) commodity prices. That too had its effect in 1990/1 but not quite as bad as '81.

    Anyone remember the wasteland of "for rent" signs around Smithfield and the - as yet to take off - Wetheril Park??

    Faced with gravest (international) finacial crisis in near living memory we have the RevKev nicking a cent here and a dollar there??

    For God's sake: spare me.

  6. You are extremely concerned Father?

    Don't know about "for rent" signs, you'd be bloody lucky to find one in Melbourne these days, and if you did, 200 other people would be in the queue with you.

  7. These were factory units and warehouses.

    Concerned? Me? Nah...seen it all before. I have an idea of what's coming if the US "economy" is really pear shaped (it is pear shaped already).

    I have, in management meetings, attempted to hold back the "spend lots to make lots" voice in our business. To no avail. Our arses are wafting in an increasing breeze.

    I hope to bloody hell what my water has been telling me for some time now is absolutely wrong.