March 28, 2008

Duck Friday


  1. Those ducks are definitely not suffering from "cold feet" Caz!

    Though, upon closer inspection the one behind does look immobile.
    Perhaps he is rooted.... to the spot!

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Hmmm - are those ducks walking on ice, salt or what? Can't figure it myself.

    OT: A new blog force is brewing. Phil Kendall and Bob Wall (see the last couple of comments)are working on a plan to take on the blogging world. Get your hands out, guys, and start the anticipatory rubbing together!

  3. Hey Dylan!
    Have posted a couple of comments to that dills blog. Of course he ignored them. He doesn't like any form of dissent. Just wants to engage with people of like minds. And, what a bunch of dickheads they are!

    Good for a laugh though.

    They take themselves so seriously. You can't help but take the piss out of them.

    Especially that megalomaniac Phil.
    He's gonna save the world from extinction through his bogging, er blogging.

    Get down.. Phil you Dill!

  4. And, Dylan?
    It amuses me, what a bunch of hypocrites they all are.
    They wail and gnash their collective teeth because WD has banned some of their mates, yet, the great poobah Phil continually bans comments from people he disagrees with.

    Oh... The irony!

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    There is something delicious about it. They seem to justify it to themselves by noting that other blogs ban 'truth-tellers' and they only ban 'trolls'. It's a fairly strange take on things but about what you'd expect.

    I can't wait for the launch of the Bob/Phil blog. It seems to have already garnered the support of Daniel/David and needs only to add another name to that list to complete the ring of ex-WD lefties.

    On that note, my RSS feed stopped updating Jack Robertson's newish blog, 'Butterflies and Guns'. I clicked over and it seems to have been taken down. Sad - there was a guy I could disagree with sometimes without having to dig my way through a mess of poorly employed punctuation and made up words.

    As for the ducks, I'm leaning towards ice.

  6. Indeed, ice it is Dylan.

    Our prolonged summer, which finished with the flourish of a genuine heat-wave, has definitely come to an end, with buckets of rain and the temperature halved. I am in mourning.

    I'm a wuss, hate the cold, but these duckies seem to be hardy little souls, making the best of it.

    It would seem that, as in life, so too in the metaverse, when a gap occurs something fills it with almost unseemly haste - Harry & CC created a vacancy, he was, it turns out, unnecessary.

    Gotta laugh.

    Ever so slightly off-topic, I was always mystified by H.H's insistence that he was the free speech advocate of the universe. Ninety nine percent of blogs don't censor - or rarely, and when they do it's without making a fuss. I know I do it, maybe twice a year I'll delete a comment - rarely trolls either and never because I disagree with something, mine is more a "fucking unbearable dickhead" measure, therefore: "this person doesn't deserve to be taking up space in the ether".

    I've never written a word about free speech here, and neither do any of the blogs that I visit regularly - none of them censor. In the blogosphere, its a given, not a friggin' badge of honor or a statement of one's personal ethos.

    The flipside, of course, is that it is a badge of extreme dishonor to be a censoring pratt and to have smarmy pretentious policies for commenters to obey.

  7. Aye, light bulb on, head goes ding! Those two ducks be Phil and Bob!
    They be skating on thin ice!

  8. More of a slurry Kath.

  9. Those people of whom you speak are psychotically deluded:

    "We, the serious (honest!) bloggers have the task, of counteracting - well, wrong word: exposing - them, the "Blog charlatans" for what they are, namely trolls, along with apologists and/or propagandists, those who seem only to exist to provoke/cause dissension, division & distraction, those set on preventing progress, my general term for whom is 'antidestinationists' - Phew! - Well, that's who we have to confront.


    I'm very excited by the thought of the two of you working as a team. It will be a blogforce to be reckoned with!"


  10. I loves ya Caz!

    I too, am very excited!

    Albeit for a different reason.

  11. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Is there anything better to start the weekend than Collingwood losing? :)

  12. Er.. Collingwood losing was my second choice Dylan!
    Nevertheless, thanks for the good news!
    I have the Quinella!( winks again)

  13. G'day Dylan.

    No there isn't.

    Not in this universe.