December 9, 2007

Was it you?

"Kevin Rudd and Labor owe their election victory a fortnight ago to just 0.1 per cent of the national vote after fewer than 12,000 people across nine electorates dumped the Coalition.

It is a remarkable statistic, revealing that despite an impressive overall swing to Labor across the nation of 5.6 per cent, the Rudd Government holds office by a slim margin.

A relatively small number of voters out of the total 13.6 million people enrolled decided the election outcome."

Well, the Libs aren't "dead" after all. (Der.)

It would seem that the Rudd-Rapture was nothing much more than a burp.

Meanwhile, hands up if you were one of the 12,000 who had the pleasure of casting a deciding vote.

A Ruddslide that never happened ...


  1. Yep, it was me and proud of it!
    The fact remains that more voters didn't mark 1 against the names of Liberal and Nationals candidates than actually did.

  2. Whoo hoo!

    Good for you ClarenceGirl.

    My voted counted for nought, in the scheme of things, not that I mind.

  3. Nor did mine. But, living in Paul Keating's old electorate, it never was.

    This is the new Liberal/Nats' "We can live it" rationale. How you dismiss a serious swing as if it didn't happen. The next line is that "we only need a 3% swing next time and we're in. And, you know, all governments suffer a swing against them when they stand for re-election.

    That last is true: particularly if you run with a "never ever GST".

    This, at best, is wishful thinking. At worst it is burying your head up Howard's arse and utterly refusing to believe the arse-whacking you've just received.

    They'll beleive it -lock stock and anal tags - until they're told again next election.

  4. Brad Norington might believe it, but I'd be pretty surprised if the Libs or the Nats believe it. If they do, they're sure hiding their optimism under a bushel.

    One can only figure that the next Fed election will see the Nats whittled away to only a few members, and the one after there will be none.

    Whatever, the ALP have only just got in; three years to go, so I wouldn't be game to be placing bets on the next election.

    Howard's arse is already out on a golf course somewhere. The Lib's are home alone and learning to make their own grilled cheese.