December 28, 2007

Sub-optimal aspirations

A survey of British women identified the following responses, in order of *popularity*, to the questions shown.

They are mostly forlorn, insipid, vacuous, asinine little aspirations, with a few genuinely freakish (and womanish) juxtapositions thrown in (being a rooly, rooly skinny Prime Minister perhaps?). There's nothing that would suggest anything other than a deep and abiding vanity, selfishness and obsession with the superficial.

Q: In your fantasy world, which of the following would you like to fulfill?

1 Travel the world

2 Develop my own successful company

3 Learn a new language

4 Marry a wealthy man

5 Gain top qualifications in university

6 Have children

7 Star opposite my favourite actor/actress

8 I would keep my life exactly the same

9 Win X Factor

10 Become Prime Minister

Q: Which of the following would improve the quality of your life?

1 To weigh less

2 Better home

3 More time to myself

4 More time with my family/friends

5 A new wardrobe

6 Better job

7 Better sex

8 Meet the partner of my dreams

9 Cosmetic surgery

10 Children/more children

Q: If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?

1 Better body

2 More assertive

3 Less emotional

4 More beautiful

5 More intelligent

6 More athletic

7 More popular

8 More compassionate

9 More sexual partners

10 Better sense of humour

Women just want the Posh life ..

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