November 17, 2007

Big bits

Most over weight Australians believe they are healthy, with 70% of a sample surveyed laying claim to being in good or excellent health.

Fine and dandy.

They held this view despite also laying claim to being fat or obese.

Of those deemed to be medically obese, only one third believed they were actually overweight.

No information at hand as to how the other two thirds created their personal rationals for believing they are taut, trim and terrific.


In Britain, Marks & Spencer is selling J-cup bras for the first time, so as to meet customer demand for ever-bigger bras.

Could be an economical and snug way to provide accommodation for the homeless.


  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Ya just gotta shake ya head eh Caz?
    Must have their heads in the clouds.
    Since I was 20.. I have exercised on a daily basis.I also eat sensibly (most of the time) Last night we had pizza as a treat for Alix..
    One day ... ain't gonna make a difference.

    Everything in moderation.

    Well.. almost everything.

    I am also quite partial to a drink or two or three...... People often say to me " how do you look so slim when you drink like a fish?"

    Well, not in so many words, but that's the gist of it.

    Exercise and sensible eating..

    Quite simple really.

  2. I know it's a bit simple, and no research required, but I suppose people really are looking around at others and thinking: oh, I'm not as fat as that person; or I'm the same size as him/her, so I must be average.

    Of course, the bigger people get, and the more people who get bigger, the more this logical fallacy is reinforced, much to the detriment of everyone.

    Even so, it's difficult to fathom the thought processes, as it would also entail the flip-side, that is, believing that people who are in a normal weight for height range are actually *starving*, or are *just lucky*. Combined with turning an entirely blind eye to all health messages that confront us everyday.

    The new cancer one - with the waist measurement message - is dead simple for anyone to understand, and it's a very modest goal too. I guess it's ineffective though.