November 1, 2007

Ben about

Ben Cousins didn't book into rehab in LA on Monday.

He has not been reported missing.

Possibly he's detoxing in a medical facility, prior to starting in rehab.

The AFL have softened their stand against him never playing again. They appear to be leaving that door ajar.

Note the incorrect assumption in the headline.

Ben Cousins "skips drug rehab" ...


Ben has joined the big time. Yes, he has made the US gossip columns, much to the bemusement of some US gossip column readers, and much to the umbrage of other US gossip column readers, who have taken the time to explain AFL to the locals, and to berate them for not taking an interest in "other countries" and "other people".

Perez Hilton ...

Found amongst the comments:
"Did you hear about the new McCousins meal at McDonalds? No burger … just coke and ice … with a free straw."


"This blog has just proven one thing to me, Americans are stupid, self centered and ignorant. There are other countries in the world, and there are other types of sports than those invented and/or played by you. This is a star player of Australian Rules Football, not soccer, not rugby. It is a mixture of Rugby and Gaelic Football and was invented a century ago to keep cricketers fit in the off season, it is also hugely popular in OZ and if you Americans removed your heads from your own asses for five minutes and explored to world beyond your borders you would realise this. Meanwhile this is also a guy with a very bad problem who is missing, it is not funny, he could be anywhere and I for one am hoping he is found safe and well and returned to rehab (he is also way hotter than that photo would suggest)"


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Misleading as ever..

    Why can't the press concern themselves with more important matters huh?
    They just have to create a storm in a teacup!
    Apparently his Dad spoke to Ben less than a day ago, and he is alright!

    Meanwhile Caz, did you see that me too, Kevin 07 has mimicked the Government's Senior's policy?

    This guy has more hide than Jessie the cow I reckon!

    What beggars belief is how he can suck everyone in!(Kath bangs head on desk in frustration!)

    Perhaps they are under some kind of spell?

    He talks about a plan for the future... Yet, he copies everything the government comes up with, changes it a little, and calls it his own.

    Surely this cannot continue!

    Sometime soon, this carbon copy of Howard will finish painting himself into a corner, and people will see his true colours.

    A man bereft of any truly original or scintillating ideas!

    Excuse me, while I continue banging my head on my desk, Caz!

  2. But it IS!

    But it DOES!


    This is truly the dumbest election we have ever had.

    Did someone put something in the water?

    The voters and the journo's are blinded by the Rudd Rapture.

    It's gobsmacking.

    Hey, has anyone seen Julia?

    Only three weeks to go, where the bloody hell is she?

  3. Anonymous5:46 PM

    You were spot on about Cousins, Caz.

    Ben's emotional father said in a statement that,
    "He is currently receiving treatment in Los Angeles at an appropriate facility, and he will be attending The Summit Medical Centre in the next few days."
    He also said " He has not missed any pre-arranged appointment with Summit."

    No wonder Journalism is one of the least respected professions!!

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Does anyone REALLY TRULY want to see Julia??

    I mean,really?..

    Mind you, the coalition's stakes would rise tremendously,if labor let her out more.

    That grating voice..

    And just when you think her hair couldn't get any worse... Ughhh!

    If they are smart, they will keep her locked in the cage, and throw away the key!

  5. Yes, truly, TRULY!

    This woman is going to be the next deputy prime minister of the country.

    Why is such a senior member of the party being kept out of sight, effectively silenced?

    Are they ashamed of her?

    Is she untrustworthy to be public spokesperson for her party?

    Is she untrustworthy to be public spokesperson for her important portfolio, which has so strongly influenced the flavor of this election - Industrial Relations?

    Let the bitch out of her cage!

    (Disclaimer: yeers, yeers, I have an ulterior motive. Wanna make something of it?)

  6. "Journalism"?


    Ooh, you were making a funny?

    Very droll.

    Tee hee.

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    "Wanna make something of it!"

    Noooo. Not this little black duck!
    (Said in a quavering voice whilst quivering and quaking in a corner)

    Er.. That should be blonde duck.

  8. By chance came across this little snippet on a blog post the other week Kath:

    "I went to a lecture by the Freakonomics guys a while ago, and someone asked about the routine inaccuracy of news stories in the media. Look, said one of them (although I've got no idea who): the thing about journalism is, people expect it to be a true account of the world, but we;ve forgotten what the nature of journalism is. A reporter isn't a superhuman essayist researcher, they are your surrogate, your proxy. When there is a fire on your street at two in the morning, and you can't be bothered to go out in the rain, a reporter goes along in your place, and tells you what's going on, but he only does what you'd do: gossips with the neighbours; gets a word or two from whichever member of the emergency services happens to be walking past; and passes that on.

    Sometimes I wonder if we are at fault for expecting newspapers to be accurate."