September 17, 2007

Track 'em all over the land

The Australian Google folk have done some really neat work to help us track the upcoming - some time ... one of these months ... Federal election.

A number of little tools can be downloaded to your Google homepage (iGoogle), including political trends and all the local pollies up on YouTube, but the real zingers, for my money, are:
  • News From Your Seat - apart from being able to look up your own electorate, you can have hours of fun looking up every electorate in the country.
  • Australian MPs on the Record - this allows you to search any and all pollies, to find either their web site, or to find out every little thing they have ever said in parliament. You can even search their every utterance by topic, using the handy-dandy drop down menu.
This is cool stuff, and will provide hours of fun between now and election day.

To add tools, go to the specially developed Google 2007 Australian Federal Election page.

(Don't worry, deleting the tools when it's all over, or if you decide you don't want them after all, is a single "click and they're gone" action.)


  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I'm wondering if people are just fickle and shallow Caz. The PM cries in his beer a few nights ago, and says he will retire sometime during the next term(if he wins) and hand over to Costello, and the libs stocks go up 4% in the latest poll. Labor of course go down 4%.

    I'm beginning to think that these polls are really not a good indicator of an eventual outcome at all!
    In fact I'm fuckin' fed up with these polls.
    All indications were ,that people were less likely to warm to Costello if he were leader????

    Certainly not reflected in the latest poll .

  2. The polls are full of shit. You never can trust them.

    Bet he calls the election on Friday.

  3. I hate to keep repeating myself Kath, but I have said many times - and howled down constantly - that Costello's stocks would rise IF he was leader.

    It's dumb and obvious, but people somehow disbelieve. (I don't get it!)

    Rudd went up and up only AFTER he was made leader of the ALP.

    If you put only two options to people, eg, do you think Howard or Costello would make the better PM? Well, people are pretty simple Kath, they nominate the person who is already Prime-Ministerial. Der!

    Now, if Howard was NOT an option, no longer on the scene, and Costello took over, well, his stock would rise with his new Prime-Ministerial mantel. Der! He wouldn't even have to do anything to earn it, initially, the job title alone does the trick.

    People would no longer be able to "approve" of Howard, right? So polls would not suddenly have people "approving" of no-one, or 100% "approving" of Rudd. Not at all. Miracle of miracles, Costello would be the top dog and lots of people would all of a sudden "approve" of him.

    This is such a no-brainer, yet journo's and pollsters would have us believe otherwise; they corrupt politics with all their meaningless polls and opinion pieces. The "Costello is unelectable" mantra has always been bullshit.

    Someone ALWAYS has to be a "new" leader eventually - sheesh!

  4. Nails - I'd be surprised. I still think he'll go with a November date.

    He has to avoid grand final day; he has to avoid Melbourne cup week.

    Mind you, no need to get too antzy, November isn't far off.

    It's going to be a hell of a campaign this time around.