September 25, 2007

Lesbian couple not lacking initiative

It would seem that our broken-down and damaged lesbian parent couple, who shopped for one healthy baby, but felt sorely ripped-off when they got two, are not so woe begotten, bedraggled or crushed by their devastating experience that they couldn't find the energy and wherewithal to high-tail it to Canberra purely to be able to sue their IVF doctor.

Yes, their ability to take the initiative and throw themselves into the practicalities of caring for twins was deflated like a kiddies party balloon, but not their ability to shop around like starving cockroaches for a court jurisdiction with the right loophole.
"I think that a healthy baby is not a damage and that loop hole should be closed off as they have done in Queensland, NSW and Victoria,'' he told ABC radio today.

"In particular this couple became tourists and came back to the ACT to mount this case so we now have the dubious reputation of being a litigation tourism destination."
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Meanwhile, the colorful and litigious world of gay parenting has headed to the family court with mum and mum on one side and dad and would-be dad on the other.

"A lesbian mother is battling to stop the gay father of her child from having his homosexual lover declared one of the child's parents.

The Family Court heard this week the mother had been in a relationship with another woman for about 10 years when she asked a gay friend to impregnate her.

The court heard that even though the child's mother and father lived apart they agreed they would both have a role in the child's upbringing.

The mother, however, is fighting attempts by the father to have the court recognise his gay lover as the child's second father."

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  1. Is it only the lesbians on my family who have the wits to send abroad for their serm?

  2. Or even 'sperm'. Still, close enough.

  3. Semen would have done the trick.

    'Though strictly speaking, sperm and semen are a package deal.

    Male gametes would have worked too.

    And yes, I do despair that these little lassies didn't import some male gametes and use the do-it-yourself turkey baster method in the privacy of their own home.

  4. I suspect that this pair did go the turkey baster, hence the unfortunate side-effects.
    Much better to use those charming IVF people.

  5. Oh.


    An unfortunate tell-tale gobble neck has entered the gene pool?

    Could be worse.

    They might have used tongs, with goodness knows what results.

    One does have to take great care when mixing kitchen implements and conception.

  6. Best not to spread these stories.

    We don't want to put people off the economically efficient KAF (Kitchen Assisted Fertilization) method.

  7. Hey, at least if you misuse kitchen utensils it doesn't cost you much. Well, the embarrassment of the emergency room sure, but not a lot of cash.

  8. Sure, a new potato peeler: a dollar fifty at Target, or eight ninety nine at DJs. A new whisk might be a few dollars more, and a new spatula costs almost nothing.

    At least with Medicare there's no risk of getting an itemized bill in the mail for attendance to unfortunate mishaps or misplaced enthusiasm in the throws of KAF.

    The number of truck drivers who accidentally sit on upright carrots are likewise grateful for our world class medical system.