September 21, 2007

Duck Friday



  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Hmmm....Who's the cute chick Caz?
    (raises eyebrow)


    More importantly GO CATS!!!!

    Smite those Collingwood bastards!
    Eradicate 'em! Obliterate 'em! Decimate 'em!

    Yes I'm with you tonight Caz.The Cats deserve to win it. They've been the best side in the comp this year.
    Collingwood are not a patch on them.
    The only problem I can see for the cats, would be lack of finals experience and an attack of the nerves.

  3. Double smite them!

    Many tears will flow if we don't get past tonight Kath.

    Unthinkable, given how well we've played all season.

    Talk about "butterflies in the tummy".

    A nervous day, for sure!

    Ooooh, ooooh! On this auspicious day I'll be getting a sponge cake from my little Mum. Mum makes the best sponge cake in the world too Kath. Yumm-o!

  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Have I entered a parallel universe? Whatever are you talking about?

  5. Anonymous4:02 PM

    But what I really wanted to say was... Why, oh, why did I name my animal Friday post "Weird" Bird Friday? Since you didn't adjectify your ducks, you can do cute duck pictures. I want to do cute bird pictures. *sigh*

  6. Yes, yes you have Drunkawife.

    It's the world of Australian Rules Football ("AFL" - Australian Football League). For Victorians, it's the only "real" football in the world. There are 16 teams in the competition.

    Collingwood (they wear black and white jumpers, and are also known as "the Magpies"), are the most hated and reviled AFL team. No one likes them, except Collingwood supporters, who clearly have very poor judgment in all things. (They are objects of pity.)

    Geelong, is MY team. They are also known as "the Cats", and they wear navy and white jumpers. They have team memberships for little folk, or children, if you prefer, and those supporters are "Kitty-Cats", which is also a term often applied to the Geelong players.

    Kath's team, based in Perth, Western Australia, lost a game the other week and are now out of finals contention.

    The BIG game tonight, between Geelong and Collingwood is an elimination game. Whoever loses tonight will not be going to the finals.

    It is 44 LONG YEARS since Geelong has won the final. They have reached the semi's and even the final itself during those years, but not won the cup.

    We have been top of the ladder for most of the season, with devastating victories over other teams. So, basically, THIS is as good as it gets, THIS is the best we have played in years. THIS IS OUR YEAR!

    We have to beat Collingwood to a pulp! Three hours till game time!

    Anyhoo, did that help?

  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Someone playing the Magpies in an elimination final tonight?


  8. Anonymous6:02 PM

    I'd be rooting for the Hamas Hamsters if they were playing Collingwood.

    Anyway it's nearly sundown here so it's goodbye from me until tomorrow night. I'm closing down for a while. I may aggressively secular but there are some things even for me that are too solemn to ignore. And I don't mean football.

    Take care.

  9. Solemnity?

    Hope everything is alright Geoff.

  10. If I'd known it was possible to "adjectify" my Friday posts, I might have thrown caution to the wind and done it, in a moment of utter carelessness.


    Personally, I don't think anyone would complain if "Weird Bird Friday" casually morphed into "Weird and Wondrous Bird Friday", or plain old "Wonderful Bird Friday".

  11. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Don't panic, Caz - I'm guessing everything is fine with Geoff and that the solemn occasion is Yom Kippur.

  12. Thanks Dylan!

    (Is there anything you don't know??!!)

    I thought it may have been something in that ballpark, but had no idea what to search for. :-D

  13. Has no one noticed that that is clearly a CHICKEN?!?!?!

    Or have I just had too much baileys and am now seeing things? hehehe

  14. If Google says it's a duck, then it's a duck.

    It doesn't have to quack like a duck or walk like a duck, just sit there and be duck-like.

  15. But Mum how can it be a duck if it is clearly a chicken?!?!?!

    Google tells lies!

  16. What a lovely cat!!!

    BTW that is no duck regardless of what Google says.

  17. In truth Cube, if the kitten had been sitting next to a small boat I would have insisted that the boat was, in fact, a duck.

    There had to be a cat for the semi-finals game played last Friday.

    You appreciate it had to be done?

    The kitty cat had to take priority.

  18. So basically you were doing a Cat Blog Friday...


  19. It was, if you like, a contaminated, or sullied Duck Friday (TM), for a good cause. :-D