August 12, 2007

Testicle Lockbox

As we sprint (at a remarkably slow pace; more like running through treacle really) toward the federal election, all eyes are glued to the boys, but let's not forget that there's an important subset of testicle-strangling girls parading their stuff.

"Glamour" girl, Labor candidate Maxine McKew, is firming up to deliver a humiliating wipe out to the Prime Minister, which would make Howard the first PM to lose his seat since 1929.

This trend firms up my earlier suggestion that people in the rest of the country don't need to vote against their sitting Liberal members in order to oust Howard: that task would seem to be in the safe hands of the voters of Bennelong. A little bit of faith could see the country having it's cake and eating it too. I wouldn't put money on it, but the option is there for the taking.

Meanwhile. a tee wee catfight (no jelly or mud involved) has broken out between the always groomed-to-within-an-inch-of-her-life Education Minister Julie Bishop, and the graceless, style-challenged Julia Gillard.

Minister Bishop has accused Gillard of “behaving like a "fashion model or TV star".

Gillard swiped back by “describing Ms Bishop as a "silly sausage". (Ms Bishop is said to be curled up in a fetal position, sobbing uncontrollably at the unusually intemperate insult.)

However, Minister Bishop went a step too far when she described Gillard's recent forays into magazine cover fodder as being Gillard's "Cheryl Kernot moment".
The truth is, the only female politician to have ever had a
"Cheryl Kernot moment" remains the mortifying and prostate wrenching Cheryl Kernot (pictured here, having her "moment" for a women's magazine).


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    "Silly sausage" eh?
    Hmmmm... Now where have I heard that before? Heh heh heh!

    Thing is though Caz, Gillard needs all the help she can get.
    Mind you, even in a Carla Zampatti "frock,"(snirtles)she manages to look dowdy and drab.

    Yeah, well...Ya Can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

    Jules, on the other hand, looks quite fetching in caual pants and top.
    She is a private but personable, intelligent woman.

    She's all that Gillard ain't!

  2. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Should have been casual!

  3. Bishop is in her early 50's (?) and always looks a very fine, well kempt, filly Kath, certainly doesn't look her age.

    She has the whole understated classic elegant look nailed.

  4. We're still talking about the dress of female politicians as though it matters?

  5. You'll need to take that up with the two female pollies who started it Nails.

    And yes, personal presentation, in business or politics matters a great deal, for both men and women.

    Men have an easier job of it; all they need to get right is a decent suit, shirt, and tie, oh, and regular eyebrow trims, and a decent pair of nasal hair clippers.

  6. You might want to revisit the column inches that have been devoted to Howard's mini "makeover" over the years, and Beazley's weight, appearance and health.

    It's not confined to women, nor should it be.

    The matter of dress and grooming is judged even more harshly in the upper reaches of business.

  7. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Oh shoot, I should always check this blog before I post something.

    Oh well, great minds will think alike.

    Kath, I think Julie Bishop is a silly old toff.

  8. Nasal hair clipper, eh?