August 15, 2007

Same old, same older

Yes, as threatened, she's back.
Pauline Hanson has applied to register her new party, so that she can be listed "above the line" in her attempt to win a Senate seat in Queensland in the Federal election.

Her party would have the egocentric name of
Pauline's United Australia Party (PUAP).

Ms Hanson has already flagged her interest in banning Muslims from coming into the country and closing the gate on all those "disease ridden" refugees.

Same shit, different decade.

Hanson will be trying to wrestle a Senate position from the popular, diligent and intelligent Andrew Bartlett, of the Democrats.

Like everyone else trying to bag Bartlett's spot, Hanson will be in need of 14.5% of the vote.

Buckley's and none, I reckon.


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Like you I reckon she's got buckley's chance. What'll be interesting is whether - in a close election - the majors will be putting her last again.

  2. She'll be up against Senator Bartlett, a Greens, and a Family First.

    They'll all put her last Dylan.

    Don't you worry 'bout that. :-D

  3. The major parties hold five of the senate seats in Queensland, the only other is held by Bartlett. fyi

  4. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Bartlett would be struggling to hold on, wouldn't he? I guess it would come down to his personal attractiveness to the people in QLD as the Dems seem really a sinking ship at the moment.

    When you think 'minor party' now you are thinking of The Greens or, perhaps, Family First (betraying my time in SA). The Dems are a spent force.

  5. The Dem's are spent, have been for so long it's hard to believe they still exist, they have no presence.

    Bartlett is very good though, real integrity, so it's his personal profile that should see him over the line, rather than being a member of the Dem's.

    But, hell, maybe the Greens will pick up a seat? They are polling pretty well, in a general sense.

    I have no feel for which way Queensland voters are swinging.

    On merit, Bartlett should hold on, but merit doesn't always have much to do with politics or elections.

  6. Let's not forget that Hanson made an easy couple of hundred thousand from taxpayers from her last failed attempt.

    Guess the book didn't sell too well.

    Must be time to replenish the bank balance for some new frocks and lippy.

  7. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I reckon the AEC will be checking the signatures mighty closely this time round.

  8. Have to admit that I'm a tad dumbstruck that she has signatures from 500 financial, and enrolled to vote, supporters. Go figure.

  9. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Maybe there's some loophole where if you sent an SMS to support her on 'Dancing With the Stars' you were also signing onto the party?

  10. Ah, like a double punishment? Well deserved too, I might add.

    Nearly used a studio pic of her from the "Dancing" PR material, but the shot makes me queasy, very queasy.

    Dancing Queen

  11. Anonymous8:08 PM

    This picture - at least in terms of who is sharing the frame with her - is just as disturbing.

  12. Now you've got me on the hop: who is he?

  13. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Please explain Caz?

    I am reminded of an old song.

    "If I had a hammer"

    Why don't you just STFU woman?(not you Caz!) Get back in your box, ya hear?

  14. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Fredrick Töben of The Adelaide Institute, a particularly nasty Holocaust denier.

  15. She has a natural affinity with these types Dylan, yet there are many ordinary, and even decent, people who fail to recognize the vile nature of Hanson's persona.

    She is forever cast as simply naive, which she clearly isn't: she's hateful.

  16. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Bartlett will hold on. And he should.

    Pauline Hanson: give me a break. Howard's juiced that lemon; she's nought but a zest-free husk.

    She has become the pap smear of politics: you have to put up with the ugly intrusion every so often.

  17. No Father, this woman used to work hard as a small business person, then she discovered that she could wring a fortune out of tax payers just by opening her mouth and saying ugly, ignorant things.

    She is a repeat offender.

    It's long past the time for her to go back to earning an honest living.

    With any luck she won't get enough votes to reap the taxpayer pay-dirt that she's after.

  18. Anonymous10:36 PM

    God you're a cynical bitch!

    And, to quote Danny Crane: "I love it!"

  19. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Just watched her on the late news. No change. Same bitch.

    Also the news that we are going to sell uranium to India. A nuclear armed state and a non signatory to the NNPT.

    It's alright though, aparrently we're assured it will never be used for weapons. Yes. Check. OK.

    The Frumpy Affairs Minister reassured me though, he stated that Pakistan was not being considered for uranium exports because it was not considered "trustworthy" or "reliable" in this regard or some such.

    Oh fucking spare me! Ask the Canadians how their uranium was used by India in the 1970s!

    And to think we only just - by a stroke of British luck - saved our arses by deporting (oops! allowing to return home) an Indian "terrorist"!

  20. The decision about India finds leaves me in a rare extended moment with nothing to say.

    Nup. Still speechless.

    Let's enjoy my silence together, shall we?

    (Oh, we can break out into a rousing chorus of "Lawyers, Guns & Money" when I find my voice again!)

  21. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Me too! I'm with you.. guys!

  22. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I did lunch with an Indian
    Thought we'd sell a liitle 'cake
    How was I to know
    It'd raise subcontinent stakes huh!

    Now I'm prattling in Islammabad,
    With an angry man
    Send Lawyers, guns and yellowcake
    Get me out of this,

    We're innocent 'cake miners
    Somehow we got caught
    Between what's right and a hard buck
    And the government's down its luck
    Sellin' a decision that's pretty fucked

    With apologies to Wazz.

  23. Oh, Father you have sinned!!

    (But what an exemplary bastardization of lyrics.)

  24. Anonymous12:12 AM

    And for penance I shall have the last beer in the fridge.

    Thank you Toohey for I have sinned....

  25. Don't know much about her politics, but PUAP sounds dangerously close to PIAPS.

  26. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Same shit....indeed.

    Her ego won't let her retire from public life.

  27. Oh, Cube, no, no, no.

    Our Pauline Hanson can barely aspire to being a PIAPS.

    She's sort of somewhere to the right side of Hitler in her political thinking, and somewhere below the 80 on the IQ bell curve.

    Besides, she seems to prefer frocks, 'cause it makes her look, you know, "sexy" and alluring to the male voters, and non-threatening to the women folk. (That's my interpretation, and I'm sticking to it. Well, that, and she doesn't have the hips to get away with the pant suit.)

  28. Your Hanson sounds like a real winner, but Hillary being the smartest woman in the world is a myth created by guess who? Hillary & her minions!

    The woman couldn't find her considerable butt with two hands, a flashlight and a fancy GPS device.

    She may be a savvy political animal, but that doesn't mean she has a coherent thought in her head.