August 26, 2007

Revisiting the ALP

Remember way back when, both before and after Mark Latham did the world's most spectacular post-loser political dummy-spit, and the ALP gnashed their collective teeth and journalistic analysis (in all its depth and wisdom) reduced Labor's humiliating loss at the last federal election to that fatefully boorish handshake?

Seems forever ago, doesn't it?

Ah for the good old days. At least there was color and movement.

Here's what one ALP thinker had to say after the last federal election:

[I don't know who; I didn't keep that bit, although it may have been Tanner. I don't know when or what paper; I didn't keep that bit either.]
"Last-minute announcements that have no connection with Labor's earlier positioning simply invite voters to question our sincerity. Our key policy announcements must reflect at least two years of hard work and advocacy, not gimmicks and giveaways. [Hello Julia and Medicare Gold! Hello Kev-07 and mega-medical centres!]

"More coherent and focused election commitments are a central element in rebuilding our economic credibility and connects with a message on tax - that the tax burden in overall terms is too high and Labor's bias is to reducing it, not increasing it."
I know we're not within the campaign phase yet, but does anyone smell that no lessons were learned?

Does anyone know what the ALP tax policy is; or recall Rudd whispering anything about plans to reduce the tax burden?

Can anyone pick a policy, any policy, that might, just might, have spent a couple of years being carefully gestated by the ALP prior to being spewed into the public sphere?


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Of course you are right Caz!

    Kev's a great showman. All glitz and glamour, and no substance.

    Lately, I've been thinking,
    that, maybe that's what the electorate wants..
    They want to feel good! They want all the good stuff without having to make any effort. Good ole Kev appeals to them. Smiling, and profering mega medical centres.

    Promising to take over the state's hospital systems, and fix the problems(sounds of cheering and clapping, and confetti descending over everyone!)

    Delusions of grandeur??

    Too right!

    But,little Kev is reelin' 'em in hand over fist!

    Go figure!

  2. I'm surprised he hasn't yet been spontaneously lifted overhead by the unwashed masses; carried aloft like a conquering Caesar.

    [*Imagines Julia running along beside, draped in nothing but a Sheridan sheet, scattering rose petals left and right, left and right, tra, la, la, tra la, la, she sings, and the garland on her head hides her latest follicular disaster.]

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I'm pissing myself laughing over THAT image of Gillard, Caz!

    Cleopatra she ain't!