August 25, 2007

A paradigm too far

For all our touting of the fair go, equality, a good life for all, and so on and so forth, we've nothing more than sniveling self-centered little clods, and that definitely includes the bleedin’ hearts, the hand-wringers, the greenies, the hippies, the whatever’s.

(Yes, I'm looking at you greenie-folk, who are so seemingly keen on drinking and washing in their own pee, because that would sure be a successful alternative to building a damn or a desalination plant once in a while.)

The following alternative paradigm is simple and elegant, and the underlying philosophy could be applied to many facets of life and resource management, but it would never catch on, not in first world capitalist democracies like ours, that's for sure. Imagine this way of thinking applied globally?

In Indonesia, rice farmers have an elected committee, the chairman of which is always the last farmer at the end of the channel of water that irrigates the paddy fields. He can be relied upon to ensure that his family gets water, and so, every one else upstream does too.

How smart is that?

How dumb are we?


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Bloody smart, eh Caz?
    We certainly do make hard work of it, don't we?

  2. With sinking heart, I believe we are actually getting dumber Kath.

    How can it be that we face electing our leaders for the next three years and our options are:

    Door A - plodding, unimaginative, but devilishly sneaky old fart A.

    Door B - plodding, unimaginative, but devilishly sneaky old fart B.

    How did we sink so low?

  3. Anonymous11:04 PM

    You tell me?
    It all seems so.. surreal.

    All I know is, Rudd's economic credentials get shakier by the day.
    This nonsense that somehow Rudd is altruistic and Howard is devious and self serving really gets up my (pissed) nose.
    I am a bit more pragmatic like you Caz.
    Don't see any value in voting for "Thumbelina me too"
    Might as well stick with the boring devil you know!