August 31, 2007

Err, awesome ...

A web crawling with millions of spiders is growing across several acres of a state park 50 miles east of Dallas, inspiring both wonder and revulsion.

“You’d have to get a lot of spiders together and feed them a whole lot of food to make a web that big”


New York Times ...


  1. Cool. I thought spiders were loners. Here they are colonizing in huge webs bigs enough to capture humans... er, come to think of it, I liked them better when they were loners.

  2. I'm awed, and creeped-out, all at the same time.

    Can't figure out why the guy keeps mowing the lawn though, when he knows he'll be running into this web. I'd be saying: "bugger the lawn, I'll get around to it in a few months".

    He's either really stupid or really dedicated to his job.