August 15, 2007

Emergency Vitamin Injection

Seems that Madonna didn’t eat anything on a recent seven hour plane trip, which doesn’t really explain her need for an apparently urgent vitamin injection right before landing at her destination.

It’s not as though you fall over dead if you don’t have food for seven hours. Heck, most people go without food for that long while they sleep and still manage to get up and go about their business as if they’re fully functioning and nutritionally prepped humans.

One does wonder why any white, rich woman would be in such desperate need of medically provided injectable vitamins.

Anyway, her needle-injecting display on a commercial flight left other passengers suitably shocked and awed.

Maybe for her next trip Madonna's housekeeper could pack her an apple and a vegemite sandwich.


  1. I hadn't heard about this, but it doesn't surprise me. Madonna is such a stupid drama queen.

    I guess, the snip of watercress she ate the day before just wasn't enough to sustain her & she couldn't bring herself to eat plane food.

  2. Hey Cubicle, that snip of watercress can really sit like a brick in the stomach, especially if it's been three weeks since she last indulged.

    Looking old, but manly-buffed, takes real dedication.