August 7, 2007

Embarrassing, but true

You thought the coming Federal election was between Howard and Rudd, didn't you, hey?

Well, forget "Rudd", it's "Kevin" to you and me. We're all on first name terms now.

Kev is everyone's friend, and today he launched his campaign website, Kevin07.

"Become a part of the K07 community. Here at KEVIN07, we're doing things differently."

"GET ON BOARD WITH KEVIN07. Get a t-shirt, send us your photo or make your own video. Tell us why Kevin should win in 07."

Excuse me, I need to barf.

When "hip" and "twee" are combined I always get an upset tum

UPDATE: Handy-dandy tip for the government: there's one sure fire way to give Kev's campaign and his t-shirts the old kibosh - hold the election in January 2008.

Okay, so a federal election has never been held in January, so what? Mid-January is the latest possible date for this government to hold the election, and if they're going to go down the gurgler anyway, why not turn the opponent's campaign into something that looks, and is, so last year? Just for fun. Just because they could.


  1. Anonymous7:42 PM

    If he gets up will we be looking forward to his next campaign slogan: 'Once Again In 2010'?

  2. You left out the most important bit Dylan:

    "Once Again [with Kev] in 2010".

    Sure, it's not as catchy, but gotta keep it friendly, ya know?

    (We can go halves in the PR fee. Do you want to send the invoice to the ALP, or will I?)

  3. Anonymous8:44 PM

    If Kevvy doesn't get up we could be looking at a 'Short10' campaign next time round... :)

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Enough of all the gimmickry,Thumbelina!

    Show us yer ti... er policies.

    Put up or shut up.

    Honestly, if people aren't finally fed up with Kev's waffle, and sugary smile, come November, I'll bare my bum in Barrack st!

    Interestingly, Damian reckons Howard is on the cusp of resigning, and thinks that Turnbull would be an affable alternative.
    It's not often that I agree with Damian, but in this instance I do think that Howard should go, while there is still time.(A January election WOULD be a hoot Caz!)People are sick of the sight of him.
    My preference would be Costello, though.

    Btw Caz, had a great day yesterday!
    Manicure, pedicure etc........


    Was at the kitchen sink when a pipe burst. Water was gushing everywhere.
    I ran around like a chook with it's head cut off,(Damian would have liked that) then outside to the water main, in the pouring rain.. Clockwise?...... or Anti-clockwise?.... that was the question.

    Finally after much twisting and exertion(I am glad I lift weights)

    I finally stopped the bastard.

    Back inside. Groans! No, not Thumbelina -Rudd this time, but a veritable lake in the kitchen, and a nice little waterfall, gently cascading down the stairs into the lounge room!
    Bet you can't guess what I did for the rest of the afternoon ?

  5. OMG Kath, what a nightmare!

    I think I'd book myself into a hotel and sob a bit, before perking myself up with a few drinks.

    But, what can you do really, you have to face the wreckage sometime.

    Hope it doesn't take too long for things to be back to normal.

    I'd be loath to say that Howard definitely won't resign, although he is a stubborn bugger - should have gone last year, as I kept telling everyone! - but the gov't seems to be so panicked and dithery that it almost wouldn't surprise. But it would be too little, too late, and would be seen as exactly what it would be: desperation.

    And, he would be leaving a massive election LOSS on the shoulders of Costello or Turnball, but Howard is a bit of a spoil-sport, he doesn't play fair even with his own party.

    I hate the comparative polls between "potential" leaders, because they are literally meaningless. Having said that, Turnball has worse showing that Costello. He also has no profile, other than with the wealthy in Sydney, so he wouldn't be much chop.

    This isn't like when Hawke took over the ALP at the last moment, because Hawke had no political history/baggage, was already known by everyone in the country (think how difficult it is to have a confluence of those two factors!), and, as we all know, "the drover's dog" could have won it.

    Howard is in a polar opposite situation, so any last minute change isn't going to help.

    Just to babble for a bit longer: if they're going to be the sure-thing losers anyway, then, what the heck, resign, let someone else take the knock, but with an outside chance that it could be beneficial? Just a thought.

    I guess what I'm saying is: it would be desperate and stupid at this late stage, but I'd be entirely comfortable if Howard did resign now, because I don't see that the outcome could possibly be any worse.

  6. I love it!

    Thanks violin kid!

  7. Anonymous2:52 PM

    It's all so Star Trek. When I saw it I laughed. Evidently he's trying to capture the "now" generation and is attempting to look "with it".

    One can only wonder at the presidential poll next year.

    He needs to select another tag to stop me snickering. The Kevin 07 thing constantly reminds of Gary 7 and I keep expecting to see the cat, Isis.

    "Mr Swan! Beam me up!"

  8. I find the whole thing very funny, but many commentators have branded it an "American style campaign", and they obviously mean that to be a short-hand for slick, savvy, polished, and modern.

    Which is fine; I just want to know which American decade they're referencing to, and whether or not I'd been born yet.

    The Kevin "O7" alliteration is bad enough, but the design of the button if pure 20th century.

    The red, white and blue, is, of course, pure United States of America.

    What is Rudd trying to tell us?