August 24, 2007

Duck Friday


  1. Award winning boutique beer "Barking Duck"!

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Oi! Ya poached that duck from the West!

    Of course we DO have some of the best boutique breweries here in the West, Caz.
    Little Creatures is another top class brewery.
    Colonial Brewery down South is another. (They have beer tasting there)

    Btw Caz, I thought you were more of a champagne drinker.

    As much as I love a beer, I cannot drink copious amounts, like Bertie can!
    But wine or champers, well.......that's another story!

  3. I'm definitely a bubbly gel, Kath, but how could anyone go past a beer with a name like Barking Duck?

    It's just begging to be drunk by one and all!

  4. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I don't know about "Barking Duck". But I do know where I can find "Farting Dog". He's sitting at my feet as I type.

  5. Wasn't sure what I was looking at until I opened comments. I thought Barking Duck might be a record label like Zappa's Barking Pumpkin Records.

  6. Barking Duck beer beats the hell out of barking pumpkins.

    (I've heard of barking duck drunks; never heard of a barking pumpkin recording anything.)