August 6, 2007

The Auguries

Newsweek coins the weasel expression: "The Denial Machine".

A woman who sued a judge after he sentenced her to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings has reached a settlement and will not be required to attend the 12-step program, her lawyer says. Mindy Offutt had claimed the sentence amounted to forcing a kind of religion on her.

Cat owner and family conflict specialist murdered his elderly parents with an axe because they chuckled at him over the death of his cat.


  1. Hey, the death of a cat is no laughing matter. They were so asking for it.

  2. Sure thing Nails.

    Next time I move I'm soooooo hoping that one of my neighbors is one of those sweet natured cat luvers.

  3. I do love when middle-ages men are, in fact, tragic old cat ladies in disguise. Poor pet, he sounds like he had one or two little issues.. and the need for a padded cell.

    Most cat lovers will only kill you with an axe if you've killed their pet and then laughed about it. I'm sure you wouldn't be so cruel, Caz. Well, guess it depends on who the cat belongs to, of course.

  4. How about this chap? He was called a nerd online and drove all the way across the US to kill the other guy (he failed in that, but he did end up burning the other guy's trailer down.)

  5. Yes, the "nerd" has had a lot of free PR.

    I haven't insulted you lately have I Timmy?

    (I think it goes to show that idiots online are also idiots offline. The "anonymity" doesn't make them worse people than they started out.)

  6. Ah. I am now amazed that I'm still alive. Maybe no-one has cracked my secret identity yet?

  7. Hell no, lots of people know who you are Nails, but when they get to your place they always think someone else has beaten them to it.

    Sometimes it pays to live on the wrong side of the bridge.

  8. For one horrible moment I thought you'd seen inside my flat, Caz. It generally looks like acts of violence have taken place in it.