July 7, 2007

Petrified Piranhas

"In fact, the little fish are so fearful of human contact that while Magurran and Queiroz were studying wild-caught fish in a tank, they had to erect screens to stop the fish hyperventilating (flapping their gill flaps more rapidly, indicating stress) every time the researchers came too close."
that piranhas aren't overly fond of eating us alive, either. Piranhas often prefer their meals to be dead first, and then they give it a nibble, not a gnawing.

Cosmos ... Man eating piranhas a myth


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    A face only a mother could love..

    Interesting Piranha facts Caz..

    Had a bit of a giggle when I was reading it though. My younger brother has the nickname "Piranha"
    When you invite him over for a meal he eats everything in sight. Lol!

  2. He'll be needing a new nickname then!

    It's a little icky that they do enjoy live prey, but only a nibble as the prey passes by. Gives a whole new meaning to takeaway.

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hey Caz, a resort town in Brazil is erecting a steel and plastic net, to stop piranhas taking a bite out of bathers(and it's tourist industry!

    Apparently 180 cases of bathers being bitten by piranhas at La Prata beach(on an artificial lake)have been reported so far this year.
    The figure is three times more than in all 2006.

    The town development chief blamed the surge in bites on a booming piranha population as the fish increasingly use the reservoir as a breeding ground.

    They weren't attacking in schools Caz..
    Just a single little bastard biting someone on the foot..
    Can't imagine it would be a pleasant feeling though!

  4. Oh, so it seems the nutritionists have been right all along Kath: a wee bit of take away can hurt you!