June 16, 2007

Update from the jailhouse

Picture caught by TMZ – the inmates were very happy at Paris’s return
While some patsies continue to heavily push the claustrophobia line (and how is it that Paris never had a panic attack while trying on new designer clothes in tiny change rooms; or when squashed into exclusive teeny crowded night clubs?), others are having stomach churning fun pushing tales of gross and highly improbable fast growing and fast traveling thrush.

The real story, as we have always known (deep within our stony black hearts) was obvious long before the jail story arrived to entertain the world:

“Handsome reader Marc knows one of the guards, and passed along this email from him:

"What's up. Sorry so long to get back. Paris sends her regards. By all accounts she is a kook. Word is she has the mind of a 14 year old, addicted to coke, psych meds, claustrophobic, changes uniform every hour, etc..."

Keep in mind, this dude works at a county psyche ward, and Paris still managed to distinguish herself. She's surrounded by pyromaniacs yelling at demons and schizophrenics who think they're Barabbas, and even there, the staff said to themselves, "Wow. This chick is a fuckin weirdo".

c/o – What would Tyler Durden do?

Okay, so we didn't know about the uniform changing thing before now, but we knew that she changed her clothes, like, so much more often than the rest of us.

The moral quandary is this: do we have to abandon jokes about Hilton because she isn't very bright, and because she is very likely more than just a little mentally unwell (the former quite possibly contributing to the latter)?


  1. No I think all taunts and funny gestures aimed in Hilton's direction are still more than valid and welcomed.
    I don't feel sorry for her even if she is stupid or a bit of a nutter.
    I am sure that not all hideously rich people are smart and of sound mind. Its just that the "smarter" ones know when to hide their fallacies.

  2. Anonymous11:36 PM

    I kind'a liked this cartoon by Moir in the SMH this week.

  3. I suppose what I was trying to ask, in a very polite way, was whether it's the equivalent of mocking the retarded (which is a totally politically incorrect word to use), but, heck, if you think it's okay, that's good enough for me!

    Oh Jacob ... tee, hee ... indeed ... I noticed a mention in one article that even the people in Lebanon are aware of Hilton's jail trauma. The world has come to this, where fluff and piffle are reported along with real and serious news.

    We're all going to hell in a hand basket, seriously!

  4. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Careful, it's too easy to despair. The reality is - or may be, who really knows? - that Paris's 'agony' could be a source of great mirth for the troops. Hope so!!

    P.S. ƒυςќ I HATE blogger2.

  5. It used to be that they sent Bob Hope over to entertain the troops Jacob, now we send news of Hilton's jail / herpes crisis to give them a chuckle.

    Almost enough to make me feel old: you know, like one of those ancient coggers shaking their head about how times sure have changed, followed by a bit of tut, tutting.

  6. I never liked Bob Hope, too smarmy and old. Had to be of his generation to appreciate him, I suspect.

  7. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I'm with you Caz.

    Bob Hope IS a dope!

    Never could see what people saw in him. As you say though, he was from a different era!