June 19, 2007

Proving the point

From Letters to the Editor in today’s Age, in response to the Simon Castles article, covered previously, three posts down:

Dangerous denial

I AM getting heartily sick of the climate change deniers [swallowing the Holocaust lexicon, with no shame] who claim that those of us worried [how about hysterical, irrational? I’ve seen “worried”, and this is not how it looks] about global warming are in the thrall of some religious. Just who are the religious maniacs exhibiting blind irrational faith? [aah, that would be you buddy] Is it those who can see — melting glaciers, melting icecaps, one-in-a-thousand-year droughts [false / untrue / a lie], cyclones in Newcastle [yes, and?], bushfires that burn for months [no surprises there; it's not called bush fire season for nothin'], record high temperatures [err, not really, one or two days of record highs during summer … well, that happens every summer that I've ever lived], shrinking water reserves [yep – “reserves” – manmade infrastructure, of which we haven’t built enough – we are in a country with more water than anyone else – it’s called mismanagement; newsflash: we also live in a drought-ridden county], — or those claiming that every [CONSENSUE IS NOT SCIENCE; yup, I really should get those bumper stickers out there] respected [oh dear, to we have to start splitting hair over the qualifier "respected" now?] climate scientist in the world is part of a massive conspiracy [the “deniers” aren’t idiot conspiracy theorists, they leave that to loopy-lefties and goofy-greenies] to fool us into giving up our four-wheel-drives?

Such dross made its way into The Age at the weekend with a piece by Simon Castles. I know it's easier to attack the messenger than the message [not always, and not in this case], and greenies can be painfully sanctimonious, but that doesn't mean The Age should give support to this silly line about climate change "religion". [No, of course not, the media should forcefully uphold censorship, close down debate and man the barricades against social analysis of cultural movements.]


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I enjoyed that Caz.. Gave me a good laugh!
    "Just who are the religious maniacs exhibiting blind irrational faith?"[aah,that would be you buddy]

    You are TOO funny Caz!

  2. It really bothers me that the average person merrily tosses about statements like “worst drought in 1000 years”, with total confidence, when we don’t have records going that far back (duh!), and from what can be scientifically deduced, the drought we are having is, in truth, an entirely normal mundane drought for this particular country.

    As I’ve noted before, the predictors have said that the drought should break this year, and then we have 10 years before the next, entirely normal, cyclical, expected drought. In other words, 10 years to PLAN for the next big dry, which is unrelated to global warming, just a normal part of the Aussie conditions.

    Unfortunately people will believe whatever they want to believe.

    Notably, the guy who wrote the letter objected to and wants The Age not to print material that draws on the obvious religiosity of the environmental prophesising, but naturally has no concerns about the paper printing, without correction, his bold yet untrue statements about the environment. People are strange.