June 30, 2007

Phonetics makes a come back

Last month, in the birth announcements in the local paper, a family in Melbourne welcomed into the world:

Tuhleesha-Jyzz Areol, a new sister for Pryncess, Daitoner, Jaxxson and Burley.

Since 1980 six babies in Victoria have been called Lucifer. It could be worse, at least all of the little Lucifers had correctly spelled names.


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    What a hellish name.
    Certainly be teased at school I would reckon!

  2. You'd be lucky if anybody got the joke.

  3. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Good point nails!..
    Perhaps they wouldn't these days!

  4. Do they still sell those firelighters called 'Little Lucifers'? The grinning demon on the front of the pack there would make it rather obvious.

    A New Zealand family recently became involved in a dispute with Births, Deaths and Marriages over their right to call their son '4Real'. Apparently they thought up the name because when they saw the ultrasound, they said to one another 'wow, this is for real!'

    Births, Deaths and Marriages apparently are holding out because the name starts with a number. Personally, I think a better argument is that the name is crap and shouldn't be inflicted on anyone.

  5. That's the reason they wanted to use the name?

    OMG, that is soooooo lame.

    Yet we allow these people to breed.