June 9, 2007

Now we nose

My bad.

I have always, very unfairly it would seem, assumed that Paris didn’t have enough sense or money to get a nose job.

I mean, come on folks, would any lass deliberately cultivate such a hawkish nose?

Well, I was wrong.

She has had her nose done.

Poor luvy.

via Awful Plastic Surgery


  1. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I like the before picture better.

    Hear Paris has a new CD Caz.

    It's called "An Evening In Paris"

    Ohhh Okay.... I made it up.
    Sounded good though..

  2. A broader nose (and it was not "too" broad) helped to balance and divert attention from the hook on the end.

    The thin Barbie-doll nose emphasises the hook.

    Don't know why the surgeon didn't lop-off the end while he was at it Kath, to make a cute little round tip, which is what most of them have done (the Olsen twins, Lohan, Aguilera, Simpson, and on it goes - line them all up, and it looks like they all went to the same surgeon).

  3. I think the video was called "One Night in Paris" Kath, so it's pretty much been done.